Right-Sizing The Military, Ctd

Stephen Mihm explains what Chuck Hagel’s 2015 defense budget might mean for the economy: Hagel’s proposal to cut the military spells trouble for the stock market, right? Actually, no. The headlines about plans to reduce the size of the Army by 6 percent obscured the news that, over the coming years, the actual level of defense spending … Continue reading Right-Sizing The Military, Ctd

Right-Sizing The Military

Chuck Hagel’s 2015 budget would reduce the number of Army soldiers to the lowest level since before the World War II mobilization: The budget also targets personnel costs, with cuts to soldiers’ housing allowances and commissary subsidies, as well as potential increases in health-care fees for the family of active service members. Hagel also proposed a one-percent pay raise … Continue reading Right-Sizing The Military