Saints On Display

Aug 25, 2013 @ 6:48pm by Matt Sitman Jason Byassee pens a Protestant appreciation of relics, or the bones and possessions of Christian saints, arguing that to reject them puts you “dangerously far away from the presence of one whose resurrection was so unbearably physical that it will draw our bodies from their graves too … Continue reading Saints On Display

The Road To Becoming A Relic

Rachel Nuwer describes the work of art historian Paul Koudounaris, whose book, Heavenly Bodies, documents how the bones of Christian martyrs in Roman catacombs were transformed into bejeweled relics, which were displayed in churches throughout Europe. How Vatican investigators determined which remains belonged to a departed saint: [T]he process of ascertaining which of the thousands … Continue reading The Road To Becoming A Relic

Thread Archive

last updated 5/6/2014 Listed in reverse-chronological order with the ostsost recent threads at the top: Most Recent: Do I Sound Gay? May 2014 Andrew and readers share their opinions of the sound of gay voices. The War Over The Core Apr – May 2014 Reader and the blogosphere debate on the pros/cons of the Common … Continue reading Thread Archive