The Ball Dropped, Prices Surged

Alison Griswold says New Year’s Eve is both the best and worst night for Uber: In 2013, the company generated $10.7 million in gross revenue from an estimated 200,000 rides in 60 cities, according to internal documents obtained by Business Insider. This year, Uber has extended its reach to 266 cities and 53 countries. It’s projecting 10 … Continue reading The Ball Dropped, Prices Surged

Uber, But For The Proletariat

by Will Wilkinson There’s something about Uber, the popular ride-sharing service, that brings out the nutty in people. During the awful hostage situation yesterday in downtown Sydney, the volume of people trying to get out of Dodge by beckoning an Uber car kicked the app’s surge pricing into effect. This is most sensible. You see, the increase … Continue reading Uber, But For The Proletariat

What The Hell Just Happened In Sydney?

by Dish Staff Monday morning (Sunday night in the US), a man wielding a gun and a black flag similar to that used by ISIS walked into the Lindt Chocolat Café in the Australian city’s central business district and proceeded to hold the customers and staff hostage for 16 hours before police stormed the shop … Continue reading What The Hell Just Happened In Sydney?

Uber: Great For Riders, Not Drivers

Justin Wolfers calls attention to a survey of leading economists, all of whom agree that ride-share services are a boon to consumers: When asked whether “letting car services such as Uber or Lyft compete with taxi firms on equal footing regarding genuine safety and insurance requirements, but without restrictions on prices or routes, raises consumer welfare,” the responses varied … Continue reading Uber: Great For Riders, Not Drivers