Trigger Warning: This Post Contains Criticism Of Trigger Warnings

Noting that college students are now pushing their professors to append trigger warnings to course material, Jenny Jarvie protests: Issuing caution on the basis of potential harm or insult doesn’t help us negotiate our reactions; it makes our dealings with others more fraught. As [Susannah] Breslin pointed out, trigger warnings can have the opposite of their intended effect, luring in … Continue reading Trigger Warning: This Post Contains Criticism Of Trigger Warnings

On The Right Not To Be “Triggered”

by Will Wilkinson Michelle’s post on the the difficulty of teaching rape law in this, the age of the “trigger warning,” put me in mind of my graying Gen-Xer suspicions that kids these days are entitled precious overdramatic snowflakes too poignantly damaged by their not-very-harsh lives to conduct adult conversations about adult topics, and that … Continue reading On The Right Not To Be “Triggered”

The Grey Lady Endorses Legal Weed, Ctd

In response to the NYT’s pro-pot announcement, Nate Silver calculates that around 77 percent of Americans who fit the NYT editorial board’s demographic profile support legalization: [P]eople with this demographic profile are somewhere around 25 or 30 percentage points more supportive of marijuana legalization than the average American. That implies that back in 2000, when only about 30 percent … Continue reading The Grey Lady Endorses Legal Weed, Ctd

Engaging The T

Jun 2, 2014 @ 17:11 There are few topics I feel nervous to write about on this blog, as you might have surmised over the years. But one of them is the question of transgender people. It’s a fascinating topic, but remains so completely fraught and riddled with p.c. neurosis that no writer wants to … Continue reading Engaging The T

Dissents Of The Day

@ParkerMolloy @sullydish Couldn’t even respond to his own critics, Had to do so vis a vis a @fakedansavage story. And we’re ‘pathetic’. — Rachel Collier (@missrachel76) June 10, 2014 Collier may have missed our airing of dissents from transgender readers here. The Dish doesn’t duck from strong criticism. Another reader: I disagree with your view on language … Continue reading Dissents Of The Day

Why Pull The Trigger? Ctd

by Chris Bodenner First, a Dan Savage reader underscores a key distinction: Thank you, thank you, thank you from a survivor of three separate T’s, triply diagnosed with PTSD—severe child abuse (sexual, physical, verbal), rape at age 18, and a gunpoint robbery while delivering pizza in college. I had to deal with several legitimate triggers … Continue reading Why Pull The Trigger? Ctd

Why Pull The Trigger? Ctd

by Patrick Appel Trigger warnings are in the news again. Dan Savage’s objection to them: Here’s what has always annoyed me about trigger warnings—even when they’re being used for their original purpose, i.e. to warn rape victims about content that discusses rape and not to warn morons about Shylock: Someone who uses a trigger warning before writing about rape or … Continue reading Why Pull The Trigger? Ctd