Why We Love The Living Dead

Michael Shermer unpacks our fascination: Zombies, for one thing, fit into the horror genre in which monstrous creatures—like dangerous predators in our ancestral environment—trigger physiological fight-or-flight reactions such as an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and the release of such stress hormones as cortisol and adrenaline that help us prepare for danger. New environments … Continue reading Why We Love The Living Dead

Dolls Of The Dead

The above short documentary Valley of Dolls tells the story of Ayano Tsukimi, a 64-year-old woman pursuing her “decade-long dedication to making dolls of the dead and disappeared in her nearly abandoned town of Nagoro, Japan.” Allison Meier finds the film at once moving and disquieting: The video is definitely unsettling; Tsukimi’s project seems like a … Continue reading Dolls Of The Dead

Faces Of The Day

The uncanny valley gets really, really dark: Sara Barnes cautions: If you aren’t careful, the video Milkyeyes by Donato Sansone might give you nightmares. The piece describes itself as “A slow and surreal video slideshow of nightmarish, grotesque and apparently static characters.” The video clocks in at just over 2 minutes and features 26 different characters, and is accompanied … Continue reading Faces Of The Day

Why We’re Creeped Out By The Uncanny

Rose Eveleth outlines the reasons: One is that not being able to tell whether something is human or not can be a deeply unsettling feeling in itself. Artists and directors take advantage of this all the time for dramatic effect. The dread that viewers feel while trying to figure out who is a zombie, or … Continue reading Why We’re Creeped Out By The Uncanny

Guess Which Buzzfeed Piece Is An Ad, Ctd

A bunch of readers are still sounding off: Thought I’d bring this to your attention, vis-a-vis your back-and-forth with Buzzfeed: the Native Advertising Summit, “The first conference dedicated to defining and discussing the future of native advertising.” Unfortunately, the summit is mostly over, but I’m hoping there’s a stream of it. I know a lot of these … Continue reading Guess Which Buzzfeed Piece Is An Ad, Ctd