Your Merch, Your Ideas, Ctd

Our updated poll is embedded below (if you are using a mobile phone or tablet, please click here). Based on your votes, we have removed some of the least popular ideas and added in some more. In addition to many of your submitted slogans, we have added a multiple-choice section where you can indicate your preference for various types of merch (totes, … Continue reading Your Merch, Your Ideas, Ctd

Your Merch, Your Ideas

A reader is getting antsy: Where’s that Dish merch? Summer’s coming and I wanna show off my BITS! I demand you take my money! We have been hard at work researching all kinds of merchandise options. It’s been a little more arduous than we thought because, well, we’re perfectionists. And then there’s the question of what to … Continue reading Your Merch, Your Ideas