Time To Regulate E-Cigs?

A group of Democratic lawmakers led by Dick Durbin has issued a report showing that, in the absence of regulations like those imposed on tobacco products, e-cigarettes are being openly marketed to young people: The Gateway to Addiction report written by the lawmakers’ staff after surveying e-cig makers finds e-cigarette companies are using marketing tactics that appeal to young people, … Continue reading Time To Regulate E-Cigs?

Customized E-Cigs

Meghan Neal records their rise: Any self-respecting vaper has a PV (personal vaporizer), or Mod (personalized, or “modified” piece.) From there, you can customize basically every aspect of your vaping experience—the refillable cartridge or “tank,” atomizer or wick, nicotine level (samples at the Vaporium range from zero to 24 mg—the equivalent of a heavy smoker), mAhs (Milliamp … Continue reading Customized E-Cigs

Should We Treat E-Cigs Like Cigs?

Since e-cigarettes remain unregulated by the FDA, some health officials worry that more young people are getting hooked on nicotine: Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], believes that e-cigs could become a gateway into cigarette addiction. In an interview with the Times, Frieden argued that “the adolescent brain is … Continue reading Should We Treat E-Cigs Like Cigs?

A Pack Of E-Cigs A Day, Ctd

Jacob Sullum dismisses Eli Lake’s e-cig fears: E-cigarettes indisputably deliver nicotine without the myriad toxins and carcinogens generated by burning tobacco. Whatever long-term risk propylene glycol vapor may pose is bound to pale in comparison with the well-established hazards of inhaling all of the chemicals you get from cigarettes (which, by the way, include propylene glycol). The bottom line is … Continue reading A Pack Of E-Cigs A Day, Ctd

A Pack Of E-Cigs A Day

Eli Lake recounts his love affair with electronic cigarettes: I could smoke when I wanted and I didn’t have to destroy my lungs, sinuses and circulatory system in the process. My clothes wouldn’t smell like a dive bar. I found the loophole, cheated cancer and rediscovered the pleasure of martinis. The added bonus with electronic cigarettes … Continue reading A Pack Of E-Cigs A Day

E-Cigs Are Here To Stay, Ctd

Public health professor Michael Siegel explains the why the FDA and seven national anti-smoking groups lost their case for the banning of e-cigarettes:

The FDA failed in its efforts because the courts ruled that its jurisdiction over these products falls under the Tobacco Act, not the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (in the absence of therapeutic or drug claims made by electronic cigarette companies). The anti-smoking organizations failed in their efforts because the state legislatures which considered bans on electronic cigarettes were swayed by an outpouring of protest from vapers who testified that they would most likely return to cigarette smoking if these devices were taken off the market.

Dr. Gilbert Ross points out that global bans on e-cigarettes are widespread:

Should E-Cigs Be Banned?

Cameron English finds the idea ridiculous:  [P]erhaps the hollowest argument leveled at e-cigs, as voiced by experts in Australia, is precisely what makes the devices so innovative: they're similar to the real thing. "Because e-cigarettes mimics [sic] smoking in both design and use, the ACT Health Directorate does not support [their use].'' The technically advanced … Continue reading Should E-Cigs Be Banned?

Flavorful Highs

Jacob Sullum defends them: Although flavored e-cigarettes and marijuana edibles are intended for adults, appeal to adults, and can be legally sold only to adults, the prohibitionists argue that they cannot be tolerated because they also appeal to minors. The same rationale has been offered for bans on flavored tobacco products and sweet malt beverages. This argument, although … Continue reading Flavorful Highs

Does Vaping Lead To Smoking?

Meghan Neal flags a new study finding “that vaping makes adolescents more likely to start or continue smoking tobacco, and less likely to manage to quit”: That’s after surveying 40,000 middle and high school students, first in 2011 and then again in 2012 to follow up. Researchers at the University of California San Francisco parsed the data and published … Continue reading Does Vaping Lead To Smoking?