Can A Netflix For Magazines Catch On?

Derek Thompson is one of many considering the question: Next Issue Media was born in 2011, with some of the largest magazine publishers onboard. Charging $15 per month for access to about 140 magazines via phone or tablet, it’s built an audience of a couple hundred thousand subscribers, Joshua Brustein reports in Bloomberg Businessweek. Brustein notes that … Continue reading Can A Netflix For Magazines Catch On?

Go Ahead, Let Netflix Autoplay

New research suggests there are real benefits to vegging out – so long as you don’t guilt yourself out of them: Participants were recruited via a gaming website and through psychology and communication classes.  Specifically, the participants answered questions about the previous day, including how much work or study they’d done (answers ranged from half … Continue reading Go Ahead, Let Netflix Autoplay

Ask Rob Thomas Anything: The Netflix Age

In this video from the Veronica Mars creator, he appreciates the arrival of Netflix and Amazon to the television business: Rob’s show Party Down was cancelled after two seasons, and Veronica Mars was cancelled after three, despite unique efforts by fans, such as a campaign to send the head of Warner Brothers 10,000 Mars candy … Continue reading Ask Rob Thomas Anything: The Netflix Age

The Netflix Network, Ctd

Alexis Madrigal attributes the success of the streaming giant to its ability to hyper-tailor content to viewer interests, using 76,897 genre descriptors: Using large teams of people specially trained to watch movies, Netflix deconstructed Hollywood. They paid people to watch films and tag them with all kinds of metadata. This process is so sophisticated and precise … Continue reading The Netflix Network, Ctd

The Netflix Network

After analyzing the company’s data-driven business model, Tim Wu argues that “much more so than a network that reaches viewers through a third-party cable operator like Comcast or Time Warner, [Netflix] knows what its customers actually like and how they behave”: Right now, American viewers are averaging only about 45 minutes of Internet-streaming video per week, … Continue reading The Netflix Network

Has Netflix Fixed The Water Cooler?

50,000 Netflix viewers binge-watched the entire fourth season of “Breaking Bad” in one day | by @BilgeEbiri — Businessweek (@BW) October 1, 2013 Nolan Feeney suggests that the era of binge-viewing has revived casual conversations among coworkers: “Binge viewing is more about staying current and getting caught up so you can have those water-cooler conversations, … Continue reading Has Netflix Fixed The Water Cooler?

Netflix Is Watching Back, Ctd

Adam Ozinek ponders the economic perks and social drawbacks of an entertainment market driven by Big Data. He notes that the “more information we have, the more profitable first degree price discrimination will be”: If knowing where people go on the web can increase profits by over 1% compared to simple demographics based price discrimination, … Continue reading Netflix Is Watching Back, Ctd

Netflix Adultery: The Shame Spreads

Maureen O’Connor passes along results from a recent survey on Netflix adultery: In a study of 2000 American adults, 12 percent confessed to watching ahead on TV shows they were supposed to save to watch with their partners. Ten percent admitted to being the victim of Netflix adultery, which means either 2 percent are blissfully unaware of … Continue reading Netflix Adultery: The Shame Spreads

Will Netflix Originals Pay Off? Ctd

@aaronpaul_8 feel sort of “vindicated” that you sped through a show and are lamenting it’s completion sort of like how I did yours. — xTx(@xtx33) February 20, 2013 Christopher Mims critiques Netflix’s decision to release the entire season of House of Cards at once: By giving up the level of constant social media chatter that accrues … Continue reading Will Netflix Originals Pay Off? Ctd