The State Of The Race In Texas, Ctd

A reader flags the awful ad seen above: After reading my fellow Texan’s rundown of this year’s elections, I thought you might be interested to know that Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, has been using ISIS as a weapon against his Democratic opponent, Leticia Van de Putte, in an attack ad this month. If … Continue reading The State Of The Race In Texas, Ctd

The State Of The Race In Texas

One of our midterm correspondents from the in-tray directs our attention to a “very important underreported story” in the Lone Star State: It’s not getting the attention it deserves here because of the sad state of both the news media and the Texas Democratic Party.  You are probably aware that Texas is voting on all of … Continue reading The State Of The Race In Texas

The Wrong Way To Win In Texas

Douthat ponders the failed Wendy Davis campaign: Yes, the social conservatism of Hispanics, while real enough, is sometimes overstated; yes, polling on abortion is always fluid and complicated, in red states as well as blue. But it still should be obvious that if your long-term political vision requires consolidating and mobilizing a growing Hispanic bloc in a … Continue reading The Wrong Way To Win In Texas

The State Of The Race In Kansas

Last night a reader wrote from the Sunflower State about being “beaten to a pulp … on my phone”: Hey Andrew & Co., I don’t know if you’re getting any traffic/messages on this, but the robocalls here in Kansas are incessant, demoralizing, and one-sided … at least if my experience, and the experiences of my friends and … Continue reading The State Of The Race In Kansas

The State Of The Race In Massachusetts

A reader sums up a “bizarre race” in one district: The race in Massachusetts’s 6th Congressional District is getting strange. The National Organization for Marriage, which opposes same-sex marriage, is urging supporters to vote for Democrat Seth Moulton rather than an openly gay Republican, Richard Tisei. Meanwhile, the Human Rights Campaign is staying out of … Continue reading The State Of The Race In Massachusetts

The State Of The Race In South Dakota

New South Dakota Senate Poll: Rounds 48; Weiland 24; Pressler 16 — Jon Lauck (@jlauck1941) October 23, 2014 Earlier this week a reader from Texas gave us a great rundown of midterms down there. A reader in South Dakota follows suit: Six months ago, I would tell anybody who would listen that there was zero chance … Continue reading The State Of The Race In South Dakota

The Right’s Blindness To Race

Yes Sean, Bundy just confirmed what we already knew: Hannity Disgusted With Bundy: Race Comments ‘Beyond Repugnant’ — Donna NoShock (@NoShock) April 24, 2014 ‘OUT OF CONTEXT’… — DRUDGE REPORT (@DRUDGE_REPORT) April 24, 2014 Beutler was not shocked by Bundy’s racist remarks: It’s hard to put this delicately, but a tax-protesting, government-rejecting, gun-toting white rancher from … Continue reading The Right’s Blindness To Race

A Blow To Race-Based Admissions, Ctd

John Cassidy worries that yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling in Schuette will have widespread consequences: Without saying so explicitly, [the ruling] appeared to give its approval to ballot initiatives designed to roll back affirmative action in other areas as well, such as hiring employees, awarding contracts—and ending racial segregation. In effect—and, in the case of the Court’s conservatives, surely in intention, … Continue reading A Blow To Race-Based Admissions, Ctd

The Texas GOP Has Two Right Feet

Abby Rapoport thinks political reporters are inventing a GOP establishment-Tea Party divide after Texas’s Tuesday primaries, in which Senator John Cornyn and other establishment figures fought off challenges from the right: Texas is complicated because there’s no binary opposition between “establishment” candidates and those affiliated with the Tea Party. Should we define “establishment” as Speaker of the … Continue reading The Texas GOP Has Two Right Feet

Contraception Defeats Abortion, Ctd

A Guttmacher Institute report released yesterday found a continued decline in the abortion rate. Kliff looks at abortion access: The ranks of abortion providers have decreased slightly, by 4 percent, between 2008 and 2011. Most of that change is not about abortion clinics closing. The number of providers working in those stand-alone facilities only declined by 1 percent over the three-year … Continue reading Contraception Defeats Abortion, Ctd