Why Marriage Matters, Ctd

Because gay couples are still treated with barbarous cruelty:

Clay Greene and his partner of 20 years, Harold Scull, lived in Sebastopol, California. As long-time partners, they had named each other beneficiaries of their respective estates and agents for medical decisions. As 2008 began, Scull was 88 years old and in deteriorating health. Greene, 11 years younger, was physically strong, but beginning to show signs of cognitive impairment. As Scull's health declined, it became apparent that they would need assistance, but the men resisted outside help. In April of 2008, Scull fell down the front steps of their home. Greene immediately called an ambulance and Scull was taken to the

Why Marriage Matters, Ctd

It turns out I was wrong about David Cameron's proposal to reward marriage as an institution in the British tax system. A month ago, he said that the new tax rewards he's proposing would make no distinction between civil marriage and civil partnerships. More details here and here:

"I believe that a stable, loving home is the most precious thing a child can have. Society begins at home. Responsibility starts at home. That’s why we cannot be neutral on this.

Now I don’t live in some fantasy land where every family is happily married with 2.4 kids. Nor am I going to stand here and pretend that family life is always easy.

But by recognising marriage and civil partnerships in the tax system and abolishing the couple penalty in the benefits system, we’ll help make it that little bit easier."

I agree which is one reason I remain non-libertarian. And note that the Tory Party's official websites draw attention to this inclusive policy, and the embrace of the notion that gay couples too have a "home".