Watching Cheney: He’s Got Nothing

[Re-posted from earlier today] His interview last night is worth revisiting again. He says what he has previously said – adding nothing to the factual record, and addressing none of the specifics in the report. But he is also clearly rattled. He is used to proclaiming categorical truths about things he knows will never be … Continue reading Watching Cheney: He’s Got Nothing

Cheney’s Sleight Of Hand

by Patrick Appel

Ackerman has copies of the documents that Cheney said prove that torture works. Ackerman also notices a footnote on the CIA using the terms interrogator and debriefer interchangeably before 9/11. He posits:

Because of the joint relationship of “interrogators” and “debriefers,” it’s extraordinarily difficult to distinguish between what approaches worked and what didn’t for the purposes of the report. (Even factoring out moral and legal considerations.) That lack of disaggregation may be what contributed to the documents that Cheney wanted the CIA to declassify showing the alleged utility of torture.

The documents are heavily redacted, but nothing we can read refers to torture techniques providing solid information. Here's the type of paragraph that makes Cheney smile:

Petraeus: September Changes Nothing

The commander in Iraq has no intention of doing anything in September but continue what he’s doing. At least that’s what I take away from his interview with the Times of London:

Times: Your mission sounds like a long one, what about the informal deadline set by your return in mid-September to report back to the Congress in Washington? Petraeus: That is a deadline for a report not a deadline for a change in policy, at least not that I am aware of. Ambassador Crocker and I intend to go back and provide a snapshot at that time, however focused the photograph is at that time and begin to describe what has been achieved and what has not been achieved and also to provide some sense of implications of courses of action. Neither of us is under any illusion.” Times: Would you like the surge to continue indefinitely?

Darkness Visible: Live-Blogging The Torture Report

5.00 pm. Since we’re now in our sixth hour of live-blogging, I’m going to wrap it up for the time being. But I want to end on a positive note. Everything that happened in this damning report is because of Americans. But the report itself is a function of other Americans determined to push back … Continue reading Darkness Visible: Live-Blogging The Torture Report

The Best Of The Dish Today

Goldblog and the Dish – in some strange solstice convergence – are on (roughly) the same page again with respect to Iraq. Jeffrey fisks Elliott Abrams’ deranged piece in Politico called “The Man Who Broke The Middle East.” As an insight into the hermetically sealed neocon mindset, Abrams is always worth reading. As an insight … Continue reading The Best Of The Dish Today

Was Sectarian Strife Inevitable?

MAP: Sectarian divisions in Iraq and surrounding region. — Mick Krever (@mickbk) June 19, 2014 Not necessarily, according to Fanar Haddad, who tells Beauchamp that he’s “right not to buy the ancient hatreds line” about Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, and that the internecine conflict of the past decade is largely a product of modern history: The … Continue reading Was Sectarian Strife Inevitable?

Exit Cheney, Far, Far Right, Ctd

Now that Liz has dropped her primary challenge against Wyoming senator Mike Enzi, citing a family member with health problems, Margaret Carlson hopes she’ll spend her free time mending fences with her sister: Cheney’s ill-timed race hurt more than her career. Unless she’s made of stone, she has a deeper loss — her relationship with … Continue reading Exit Cheney, Far, Far Right, Ctd