Dolan Spins Francis

Nothing the Cardinal says above is wrong exactly, but it’s classic spin from the bullshit artist who runs the New York archdiocese. The idea that Pope Benedict used the same tone toward homosexuals as Pope Francis – that there has been continuity on this – is absurd. Benedict’s move – strongly backed by Dolan – … Continue reading Dolan Spins Francis

The Final Busting Of Cardinal Dolan’s Lies

You know where this man is coming from when he dismissed the organization SNAP – Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests – as having “no credibility“. The records from his old diocese in Milwaukee show he authorized pay-offs to child-rapist priests to encourage them to leave the ministry. (In the Catholic hierarchy, you don’t … Continue reading The Final Busting Of Cardinal Dolan’s Lies

Dolan Retreats

Perhaps made aware that his bigfooting of the local bishop in Tampa in order to bless the GOP was egregious even by Ratzingerian standards, the GOP Cardinal has agreed to end the DNC with a benediction as well. Good save. The Church wounds itself and its mission by descending so baldly into partisanship.

Dolan: Is He A Republican Pol Or A Cardinal?

Here is how the Cardinal has responded to his previous archdiocese's spokesman's revelations that he authorized payments of $20,000 to pedophile priests to expedite their removal from the ministry: "The New York Times does not have a reputation for fair and accurate reporting when it comes to this issue. So, to respond to charges like … Continue reading Dolan: Is He A Republican Pol Or A Cardinal?