Failure Is An Option

In an excerpt from her new book on failure, McArdle unpacks the research of psychologist Carol Dweck: While many of the people she studied hated tasks that they didn’t do well, some people thrived under the challenge. They positively relished things they weren’t very good at—for precisely the reason that they should have: when they were failing, … Continue reading Failure Is An Option

Gays And Adoption

by Bruce Bawer

Reflections from a conservative friend of mine, who seven years ago travelled to Siberia with his wife to adopt a little boy, and who a couple of days ago heard a New Jersey preacher on the radio slamming New York’s gay marriage law:

His main point of contention was that gay marriage was more about pushing a larger agenda than the gay marriage itself, i.e. teaching a liberal/gay agenda to kids in school … he seemed to have a big beef against adoption for gay couples, and specifically mentioned adoption of black kids by white, same-sex couples. He mentioned higher suicide rates among gays….

I can tell you that at the time we adopted P. (2004), the suicide rate among orphans in Russia was somewhere around TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT ….To argue against adoption by any stable, loving couple because the child's life could theoretically, statistically be worse if they grew "confused" over their gay parentage and personal sexuality, is not only ignorant, it goes against the fact that a loving home will always, 100% of the time, be better than institutional care or group foster care (or bad or neglectful birth parentage, for that matter). And my own personal observation as a parent is that one's sexual preferences are hardwired from birth anyway.

A Failure of Capitalism: Reply to Alan Greenspan

by Richard A. Posner

I have received an email from Alan Greenspan in which he expresses regret at what he describes as my "rather thin analysis of the source of the current financial crisis." He states that his "view is different," and by way of explanation prints excerpts of three pieces written by him. The first is from remarks, entitled "Risk and Uncertainty in Monetary Policy," that he made at a meeting of the American Economics Association in January of 2004, while he was still chairman of the Federal Reserve and the housing bubble was expanding. The second is from an article that he published in the Financial Times on April 6, 2008, called "A Response to My Critics." The third is from an op-ed that he published in the Wall Street Journal on March 11 of this year, entitled "The Fed Didn't Cause the Housing Bubble." Above are the links to the three pieces, and I suggest you read them before reading my reply, which follows.

The Options In Pakistan

Hilzoy thinks the fear of elections is misplaced: There are very real dangers confronting Pakistan. Islamist extremists are well entrenched in the Tribal Areas and parts of the Northwest. They are already mounting terrorist attacks throughout the country. Those attacks could further strain Pakistan’s already fragile institutions. Any number of very bad things could happen. … Continue reading The Options In Pakistan

The Plan To Make Community College Free, Ctd

Danielle Douglas-Gabriel cautions that Obama’s proposal still falls short for many would-be students: Free tuition, even for two years, is not nearly enough to cover the cost of attending college. Tuition and fees counted for just 21 percent of the budget for students who attend two-year public college and pay for off-campus housing, according to a recent study … Continue reading The Plan To Make Community College Free, Ctd