Is HRC Hosting Jo Becker Tomorrow?

I ask because of this – now deleted – calendar from Penguin, Becker’s publisher, which we stumbled upon three days ago: We called the HRC building and press office and, after several attempts, we could not get an answer. They told us that the only event planned this weekend is private and they cannot give … Continue reading Is HRC Hosting Jo Becker Tomorrow?

Jo Becker Responds – By Lying About Her Own Book

I’m with @sullydish on ridic @Jo_Becker story. We stand on shoulders of giants who fought 4 decades. She seems to have forgotten them. — Jim Messina (@Messina2012) April 17, 2014 Politico’s Dylan Byers managed to get an email from Jo Becker on her book. Here’s what she sent back (and it’s the same response she … Continue reading Jo Becker Responds – By Lying About Her Own Book

Jo Becker’s Troubling Travesty Of Gay History, Ctd

When your premise is that the marriage equality revolution began in 2008, that the movement was only then re-branded around the themes of family values and toleration, that the subject had been languishing in obscurity before the gay “Rosa Parks” came on the scene, there are a few things that will necessarily not compute. Look … Continue reading Jo Becker’s Troubling Travesty Of Gay History, Ctd

Jo Becker’s Troubling Travesty Of Gay History

Journalist Jo Becker has a new book out on the marriage equality movement. The revolution began, it appears, in 2008. And its Rosa Parks was a man you would be forgiven for knowing nothing about, Chad Griffin. Here’s how the book begins – and I swear I’m not making this up: This is how a … Continue reading Jo Becker’s Troubling Travesty Of Gay History

The Legacy Of Gary Becker

Read @RichardAEpstein's tribute to the great Gary Becker. — NYU J. Law & Liberty (@nyujll) May 6, 2014 Justin Wolfers eulogizes the University of Chicago economist-cum-sociologist, who passed away last weekend at the age of 83: To Gary, who died on Saturday, economics was not a field of inquiry, but rather a method of analysis. He saw the … Continue reading The Legacy Of Gary Becker

The NYT And Becker

After absurd amounts of puff and hype for their own reporter, a more balanced view: Ms. Becker paid too high a price for access. “Forcing the Spring” is riddled with the telltale signs of a reporter becoming too close to her sources.

Some Loose Ends On Becker

First up: some pushback on the book from someone at the NYT not apparently instructed to puff the book to the heavens. Frank Bruni: Right now there’s an impassioned conversation about proper credit for the huge successes of the marriage-equality movement. It stems from the publication of a book by my Times colleague Jo Becker, … Continue reading Some Loose Ends On Becker

Becker On Fresh Air

To Terry Gross’ immense credit, she had Jo Becker back on her radio show to defend the ridiculous premise and framing of her book, namely that the revolution of marriage equality began in 2008 with an epiphany by Chad Griffin. Gross tries repeatedly to get Becker to withdraw her idea that the “revolution” “began” in … Continue reading Becker On Fresh Air

David Plouffe On Becker’s Book: “Decidedly Inaccurate”

The account Jo Becker gives of the Obama administration’s response to the issue of marriage equality is one of the few parts of the book that has not been demolished since it was published. Since her account did not square with my own memory, I asked David Plouffe to address some of the claims in … Continue reading David Plouffe On Becker’s Book: “Decidedly Inaccurate”

Exposing Becker’s PR Campaign

You might imagine that the Pulitzer-prize winning New York Times journalist would have attempted journalism in writing what is billed as a “definitive account” of the marriage equality movement. And if you mean by journalism, being a stenographer and hagiographer for a handful of interested parties intent on spinning themselves as the new Rosa Parks, you’d … Continue reading Exposing Becker’s PR Campaign