Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines, Ctd

Below is another sample from my long conversation with Matthew, author of God and the Gay Christian, in which we talk about what he refers to as the “massive moral blind spot” that many fundamentalist Christians have toward their gay brethren: A reader loved the podcast: So I finally invested an hour-and-a-half on Vines/Sullivan.  (I’m a gay Catholic theologian, … Continue reading Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines, Ctd

Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines, Ctd

A reader connects the podcast to the ongoing thread on evangelicals and gay marriage: A moment that jumped out at me during your podcast with Matthew Vines (partially because of my own interests and background as a former Presbyterian) was when you responded to Vines’ description of John Piper’s attempts to use the Greek to determine whether porneia was a valid excuse for divorce, and … Continue reading Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines, Ctd

Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines, Ctd

A reader gets a conversation going: I just finished your Deep Dish podcast with Matthew Vines, and found it quite enlightening. More than anything, I found your enunciation of your Catholicism and its comparison to Matthew’s reformed Protestantism instructive in how I read the Dish and your response to evangelical Christianity. As someone who is also … Continue reading Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines, Ctd

Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines

A little while back, I got to meet Matthew Vines and have a sprawling, intensely honest conversation about being gay and Christian, about Biblical inerrancy and whether those who oppose marriage equality can all be described as bigots (they can’t). Subscribers can listen to the full podcast on Deep Dish here. For those of you … Continue reading Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines

Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines

Matthew is the founder of The Reformation Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to reforming church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity. He is also the author of the new book, God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships. You can download his conversation with Andrew below or listen to it right now … Continue reading Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines

Gays And The Bible


Recently, the NYT highlighted the work of Matthew Vines, whose detailed, hour-long video attempts to dismantle Bible-based condemnations of same-sex relationships, all based on the six references to them in scripture that he then scrutinizes. He argues that the references have nothing to do with modern, loving gay couples:

"It is simply a fact that the Bible does not discuss or condemn loving, gay relationships," said Mr. Vines, eating an omelet at Tom’s Restaurant in Brooklyn the day after his church appearance. "The point is that these texts have a meaning, and the traditional reading of them is wrong. It is incorrect — biblically, historically, linguistically."

The core of his argument:

[K]ey for Mr. Vines was the realization that every instance of homosexuality in the Bible represented excess lust, gang rape or "unnatural" acts committed by heterosexual men. Portrayals — much less condemnations — of naturally gay men, for whom opposite-sex relationships are not an option, simply never appear.

"That’s huge, that argument," he said. "It’s key. It’s being made, but it needs to be made more, and more often.

Relatedly, David Sessions interviewed Gene Robinson, the first gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, who had this to say about how we read the Bible:

The Next Generation Speaks

Dan Savage highly recommends this long presentation by Matthew Vines (preview above):

Matthew Vines is a young gay man who grew up in Kansas. His family is Christian and very conservative. After coming out, Vines took two years off college to research and think deeply about what the bible says—and doesn't say—about homosexuality. You could argue that what Vines has to say is irrelevant to non-Christians. But Vines' argument and his insights are highly relevant to gay Christians, to their families, to Christians who point to the bible to justify their bigotry and the pain they inflict on LGBT people (including their own LGBT children), and to anyone who happens to live in a country that is majority Christian.

A reader writes:

I only watched bits and pieces of the video, but while reading the transcript – as the 22-year-old gay only son of a Latino minister (with all the Pentecostal-leaning and intransigent tendencies that implies) – I had one thought running through my mind: This is what I always wanted to do.

An Evangelical Changes His Mind On Gays

We’ve featured the work of Matthew Vines many times before, and want to highlight a speech given at a conference recently held by his organization, The Reformation Project. A keynote speaker, David Gushee, one of the foremost evangelical ethicists in the United States, used the occasion to announce his support for the full-inclusion of LGBT Christians in the … Continue reading An Evangelical Changes His Mind On Gays

In Defense Of Gordon College, Ctd

Several readers comment on the controversy over Gordon’s policy on homosexuality: This is clear bigotry. The college can believe anything it wants, but the organizations that set up “accredited” requirements can also be free to set their own requirements.  Being accredited is not a right; it’s a privilege. Orthodox Christian teachings on sexuality are not ipso facto … Continue reading In Defense Of Gordon College, Ctd