Breaking: Mitch Daniels Is Conservative

Michael Kazin attempts a Mitch Daniels hit piece. The substance of Kazin's disdain for Daniels: Elected with the help of donations from the Koch brothers, he signed bills that abolished the right of teachers to bargain for anything other than wages and wage-related benefits and initiated the largest private-school voucher program in the country. He’s … Continue reading Breaking: Mitch Daniels Is Conservative

The Movement Right vs Mitch Daniels

Yep, Mark Levin, the talk radio fanatic who took Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell seriously as candidates, now says Mitch Daniels is unqualified for the presidency. The Daily Caller describes his monologue:

“Mr. Daniels, you get a little ‘x,’” he said. “You’re too weak. You don’t see the full horizon. You’re ready to battle on some turf, but on way too much you’re ready to surrender the turf. You should be speaking out in defense of your fellow governor from Wisconsin and you’re not. You should be encouraging exactly what the legislature is doing in — Indiana, to attract more and more enterprise and create more jobs but you’re not. That’s why you’re not presidential. Like I say, you may be a great governor. I don’t know. I don’t live in Indiana but I do live in the United States and you get a little ‘x’ next to your name.”

Over at Big Government, Mike Flynn is piling on:

The Cannabis Closet: Mitch Daniels, Ctd

Serwer defends Mitch Daniels against Waldman's attack: [D]espite Daniels jumping on the tough on crime bandwagon back in the 1980s, he's part of a very positive vanguard of criminal justice reform on the right. Ultimately, what he's trying to do in Indiana could have a much greater impact on mass incarceration, and on the ability … Continue reading The Cannabis Closet: Mitch Daniels, Ctd

The Cannabis Closet: Mitch Daniels

The mild-mannered Midwesterner had some wild days at Princeton:

Officers found enough marijuana in his room to fill two size 12 shoe boxes, reports of the incident say. He and the other inhabitants of the room were also charged with possession of LSD and prescription drugs without a prescription. … “I don’t make excuses for anything. Justice was served,” he said in an interview on Monday. “I had used marijuana and I was fined for that, and that was appropriate,” he explained.

Aaron Houston adds context:

Daniels was also busted about six months prior to President Nixon signing the Daniels-arrest Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (on October 27). If that law had been on books in May 1970, Daniels could have faced an array of charges, including several felonies. And if he had been busted after 1998 when the Higher Education Act's Aid Elimination Penalty took effect, he could have lost any federal financial aid as the result of a drug conviction.

I hope that when Daniels says fining him was an "appropriate" punishment he means that a fine should be the maximum penalty for possessing several pounds of marijuana and LSD. If not, does he believe it's right to punish drug arrestees more harshly than he was treated?

Paul Waldman digs up an anti-drug op-ed written by Daniels in 1989 and calls it "a pretty extraordinary combination of whitewash and hypocrisy". Waldman:

Mitch Daniels, An Eisenhower Republican

Max Eden praises Daniels' moderation:

Mitch Daniels once again showed that he is not interested in running for president. And by doing so, he has shown why he should.

Governor Daniels has taken criticism for refusing to order Indiana state troopers to hunt down Democratic state legislators who have, like their Wisconsin counterparts, fled the state. If Daniels were truly interested in running for president he should forget the context of his job and try to one-up Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for the spotlight. Yet Daniels refuses to forget his context and his job, and it may serve his critics well if they took 30 seconds to consider it.

Allahpundit attacks:

The Heresy Of Mitch Daniels, Ctd

A reader writes: There is a contrast between Republicans at the state level – who actually have to govern under balanced budget requirements – and Republicans at the federal level, who don’t.  Because of this fact, I still believe there is hope for the Republican party. Here is how Mitch Daniels must attack Grover Norquist and others of his ilk if he is to survive a primary season: