A Long Distance Relationship … With Your Therapist

Joseph Burgo shares his experiences using telemedicine in his therapy practice: No doubt it would be better if my clients and I were able to meet in my office week after week, me inviting them in from my waiting room at the beginning of each session and ushering them out through the exit door at the end. … Continue reading A Long Distance Relationship … With Your Therapist

Pregnant With Depression, Ctd

David Bornstein argues that postpartum depression has been misunderstood: Postpartum depressions are often assumed to be associated with hormonal changes in women. In fact, only a small fraction of them are hormonally based, said Cindy-Lee Dennis, a professor at the University of Toronto and a senior scientist at Women’s College Research Institute, who holds a Canada … Continue reading Pregnant With Depression, Ctd

A Virtual Physical

James Hamblin makes the case for telemedicine: If some basic needs were addressed remotely, doctors could focus on more dire cases during their busy office hours. Patients could ask simple questions without needing to take an afternoon off work for an office visit. As of last year, only 12 percent of Americans had ever texted … Continue reading A Virtual Physical

Abortion By Mail

by Dish Staff Emily Bazelon profiles doctor and reproductive-rights activist Rebecca Gomperts, who “started Women on Web, a ‘telemedicine support service’ for women around the world who are seeking medical abortions.” Why Gomperts’ work matters: Almost 40 percent of the world’s population lives in countries, primarily in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Persian Gulf, where abortion is … Continue reading Abortion By Mail