“A Virtual Work Stoppage” Ctd

Matt Ford focuses on the “benefits of fewer NYPD arrests”: Fewer arrests for minor crimes logically means fewer people behind bars for minor crimes. Poorer would-be defendants benefit the most; three-quarters of those sitting in New York jails are only there because they can’t afford bail. Fewer New Yorkers will also be sent to Rikers … Continue reading “A Virtual Work Stoppage” Ctd

“A Virtual Work Stoppage”

Amazing video from @TheAlexanderBOK – demonstrating again, how the NYPD needs accountability: https://t.co/rYLSgqpSiX // watch to the end — Bill Fitzgerald (@funnymonkey) December 31, 2014 The New York Post reports that “NYPD traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses have dropped off by a staggering 94 percent following the execution of two cops — as … Continue reading “A Virtual Work Stoppage”

The NYPD Turns Its Back On Civilian Control

At Sunday’s funeral for slain police officer Wenjian Liu, hundreds of New York’s Finest turned their backs on Mayor de Blasio for a second time: The silent protest against de Blasio came after a Friday memo from New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton specifically asking officers to refrain from turning their backs on the mayor at Liu’s funeral, … Continue reading The NYPD Turns Its Back On Civilian Control

How Dangerous Is NYC These Days?

With its police force in a “virtual work stoppage“, Ben Wallace-Wells takes stock of the city’s crime rates: Nearly every New Yorker now lives, in some meaningful way, in a post-peak-crime city marked by gentrification and safety, even in what were very recently very poor neighborhoods. The statistics that de Blasio rattled off at the … Continue reading How Dangerous Is NYC These Days?