Why The FBI Is Struggling To Hire Hackers, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

It’s not just the pot problem:

[Brian Honan, who set up Ireland’s first Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT),] said the real problem around luring talented hackers into law enforcement largely comes down to one thing. And that’s money. “The problem faced by law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, is the salaries that are on offer. Many talented hackers can demand high salaries in the private sector or indeed even more from criminal gangs,” he said.

A sub-£100k ($170k) per annum salary isn’t worth bothering with for many, given a hacker can make that kind of money in one go by selling a zero-day exploit (code that targets unpatched, unknown vulnerabilities in software). It’s down to them whether they want to hand their zero-day to a legitimate exploit broker, who tend to have big contracts with governments and law enforcement anyway, or to a criminal organisation, which could use it for nefarious purposes like stealing money from internet users.

How Unfair Is Being The Fat Girl? Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader makes an excellent point:

This is one of the whitest threads ever. I’m a fat, white woman (though not in high school – then I was taught fat is perceived as bad, but now I know better). I am married to the hottest guy ever and never had a problem getting a date. Of course, most of the men interested in me AND who let me know it are not white. (Living in DC made it easier.)

When we talk about desire and dating and plus-sized women, we are almost always talking about perceptions of us from the privileged perspective of acculturated white American males. Not Black males. Not males from other cultures. White American Males, mostly. But they are just the tip of what is out there.

Yes, being fat as a woman is harder in general than it is for a man, but there are plenty of men that love us, admire us and really want to fuck us. Works for me.

Mental Health Break

by Chris Bodenner

Last night’s highly anticipated meteor shower was bust, so here’s a consolation prize:

Rollin Bishop has the details:

Professional photographer Thomas O’Brien has compiled footage of seven years worth of meteor showers filmed around Aspen, Colorado into a single, beautiful time-lapse video. The video includes footage of the Perseid, Geminid, and Leonid meteor showers. O’Brien has also compiled a series of tips on how to photograph meteor showers in anticipation of the Camelopardalids, a meteor shower that’s expected to hit late tonight as the Earth passes through the debris trail of the comet 209P/LINEAR.

The View From Your Window Contest


You have until noon on Tuesday to guess it. City and/or state first, then country. Please put the location in the subject heading, along with any description within the email. If no one guesses the exact location, proximity counts.  Be sure to email entries to contest@andrewsullivan.com. Winner gets a free The View From Your Window book or two free gift subscriptions to the Dish. Have at it.

Dish Intern Wanted

by Andrew

[Re-posted from earlier this week]

It’s that time of year again. Dish Publishing LLC is seeking an all-purpose intern to handle both administrative tasks and contribute to the editorial process. The admin side of the job will include: dealing with press inquiries and permissions, helping with support emails, managing the staff calendar, taking notes during meetings, making travel arrangements, and generally assisting the executive editors and me with sundry tasks. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail are musts. You need to be self-starting and pro-active in getting shit done.

The editorial side of the job will consist of ransacking the web for smart and entertaining nuggets, maintaining our social media presence, working on larger research projects, and helping the team guest-blog when yours truly takes a vacation. We prefer individuals who can challenge me and howler beaglemy assumptions, find stuff online we might have missed, and shape the Dish with his or her own personal passions. Reporting experience is also a big plus as we try to deepen our coverage. Someone with a background in web entrepreneurialism could catch our eye too.

The full-time internship pays $10 an hour, includes health insurance, and lasts for six months. The position is based in New York City. Since the Dish doesn’t have an office, most of the work will be done from home, but the staff meets regularly for lunch and coffee meetings and social gatherings.  I want to emphasize that this is an intense job for the intensely motivated, and one that can get a little isolating at times. But it’s a pretty unbeatable chance to learn what independent online journalism can be as an integral part of a close-knit team. We’ve decided to pare down to one intern to keep our lean budget under control, which means the one individual really does have to be special. You have to already know what we do here and care deeply about the Dish. And a sense of humor is a real asset.

We are hoping to hire very soon, so don’t delay if you’re interested. The cutoff for applications is next Friday, May 30, at midnight. The start date is July 7, but we are flexible. To apply, please e-mail your resumé and a (max 500-word) cover letter to apply@andrewsullivan.com.