2012 Mental Health Break Of The Year Nominees

Below are the finalists we’ve selected for the 2012 Mental Health Break Of The Year, please review them and then vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.


The Story Of A Beard (Jan 18):

A Dish hero:


“Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?” (Mar 20):

Romney does his best Slim Shady:


“Frame Of Mind” (Mar 26):

Just wow:


“Star Trek: Gaseous Anomalies” (Jun 25):

Terrance and Phillip get their hands on some old Star Trek footage:

(Hat tip: Nerdcore)


Olympic Sailing Parody (Aug 8):

Olympic sailing explained:

The original version of this video was taken down due the International Olympic Committee claiming copyright infringement, even though parody is usually covered under fair use. The video’s creator was not pleased.


Mudd Vs Trampoline (Sep 19):

For when you’re too busy to play fetch:


“GIFs with Sound” (Sep 26):

Brought to you by the Internet:


“Dumb Ways To Die” (Nov 19):

A disturbingly adorable PSA:


“Gangnam Style” Mega-Mashup (Nov 30):

The all-time biggest Youtube gets a mega mashup:


“Look At This Instagram” (Dec 5):

Pwning Nickelback and Instagram with one stone:


Which do you think should be our 2012 MHB of the year?

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