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Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 10 2014 @ 7:16pm

High Winds And Large Waves Hit The North West Coast Of The UK And Northern Ireland

A dog named Ted runs along the beach in Blackpool, United Kingdom on December 10, 2014. High winds and large waves hit the North West Coast of the UK and Northern Ireland today. By Nigel Roddis/Getty Images.

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Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 8 2014 @ 8:44pm


A Muslim Shiite pilgrim carries a religious flag displaying Imam Hussein in Baghdad, on December 8, 2014, as they walk to Karbala for the Arbaeen religious festival. Arbaeen marks the 40th day after Ashura and commemorate the seventh century killing of Prophet Mohammed’s grandson, Imam Hussein. By Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images.

Faces Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 7 2014 @ 12:02pm

GayCouples 045

David Rosenberg captions:

Sage Sohier’s series “At Home With Themselves: Same-Sex Couples in 1980s America,” was, in many ways, ahead of its time. Today, apart from a few dated fashion choices, the photos of gay couples in domestic settings don’t seem that shocking. But when Sohier began shooting the series in 1986, AIDS and sexual promiscuity seemed to be the only headlines about gay people.

“My ambition was to make pictures that challenged and moved people and that were interesting both visually and psychologically,” Sohier wrote via email about the project. “In the 1980s, many same-sex relationships were still discreet, or a bit hidden. It was a time when many gay men were dying of AIDS, which made a particularly poignant backdrop for the project.”

(Photo: Stephanie and Monica, Boston, Massachusetts, 1987, by Sage Sohier. Buy Sohier’s book here.)

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Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 6 2014 @ 7:05pm


Christopher Jobson captions:

When scouring through the minute details of artist Cayce Zavaglia’s embroidered portraits (previously), it’s difficult imagine each work is scarecely larger than 8″ x 10″. Her process, which she refers to as both “thread painting” and “renegade embroidery,” begins with a photoshoot of each subject, namely friends, family, and fellow artists. Roughly 100-150 photos are winnowed down to a single selection which she then begins to embroider with one-ply embroidery thread on Belgian linen.

(Image: Cayce Zavaglia’s “Florence,” 2014, courtesy of Lyons Wier Gallery, New York)

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Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 5 2014 @ 6:32pm

3-D Portrait Of President Obama On Display At The Smithsonian

A 3D-printed 1:1 scale mask of President Barack Obama is on display at the Smithsonian Castle in Washington, DC on December 5, 2014. By Alex Wong/Getty Images.

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Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 4 2014 @ 6:47pm

The Southbank Launch Their Winter Festival with Five Giant Illuminated Rabbits

Large inflatable rabbit sculptures go on display at the Southbank Centre in London, England on December 4, 2014. The seven-metre-high inflatable sculptures by Australian artist Amanda Parer entitled “Intrude” form part of the Southbank Centre’s Winter Festival that opened in November and runs until January 11, 2015.  By Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images.

Faces Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Dec 3 2014 @ 6:47pm

Grand Jury Declines To Indict NYPD Officer In Eric Garner Death

Demonstrators lie down during a protest in Grand Central Terminal in New York City on December 3, 2014. Protests began after a Grand Jury decided to not indict officer Daniel Pantaleo. Eric Garner died after being put in a chokehold by Pantaleo on July 17, 2014. Pantaleo had suspected Garner of selling untaxed cigarettes. By Yana Paskova/Getty Images.