The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we discovered that Pelosi signed off on "EIT"s, Obama found some chump change savings in the budget, and canned his first soldier for being gay. Rupert Murdoch has decided to charge us for his Web. Plus, Hilzoy totally pwned Senate Republicans over their ludicrous new ad.

American Muslims and Southern Baptists finally took a stand on torture while John Winn tried to defend it to a jury. Also, Richard Just made a case for a gay justice and Little Green Footballs continued its stand against the far right.

In other punditry, Rosen replied to his critics, Joe Klein took on Noah Pollak, K-Lo oozed cant, and Posner proclaimed that the auto bailout worked (despite the devastation wrought by chickens). I also compared the greatest crimes of our last two presidents and advanced the notion that inhumanity is an extremely human thing (something several readers took issue with). TYWKIWDBI unearthened a fascinating relic of waterboarding.

Last but not least, we gave Palin the Keyboard Cat treatment. It was that kind of day.

The Daily Wrap

Today was another big day for marriage; the honorable people of Maine brought the country one state closer to full equality, while Marion Barry threatened a "civil war" in the District and Heather Mac Donald argued that gay husbands will cause black dads to flee.

In other news, the incoming stress tests caused rumblings, the CBO emitted a warming study, the Patriot Act locked up a teen, Schwarzenegger said we should talk pot, Palin played coy on the Correspondents dinner, and Limbaugh laughed happier than a pig in mud. As Steyn trembled before the Muslim horde, Chait refused to cave to the true terrorist threat. We tackled the missing torture tapes here and the photos here. Also, we learned about "budtending." Dish readers continued to press me on my Buddhism post, and I fully expect neocons to pounce on this post and this post.

In home news, Corby added a Beard Award to our Webbys. (This guy will never win a beard award, while this one might.)  I also gussied up for Sarah and let the beagle out of the bag.

The Daily Wrap

We had a very full Dish today; Condi backpedaled, Gonzales confounded, Palin supporters sniped, gut-wrenching news of gay violence surfaced in Iraq, another torture report inched toward the surface, Abu Ghraib photos still went missing, rumor-mongering on Sotomayor gripped the Beltway, the Dems seemed to surrender on nuclear power, and the president continued to disappoint on gay rights. But despite his dithering, my marriage became legit in DC and the fate of gay Mainers advanced one step closer to equality.

We also ruminated over how the Coulters have ruined conservatism and how the torture program has weakened a long tradition of American fortitude. Thanks to the YouTubes, we became obsessed with Keyboard Cat, witnessed the sexual power of subwoofers, and saw Susan Boyle sing at 22.

In home news, today was a huge day for The Atlantic; we won both the Webby Award and the People's Voice Award for best magazine. (And that's before Harry Shearer and 11 other correspondents started blogging for us today.) Finally, don't forget to vote for the front cover (and back cover) of the Window View book.

The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we learned that a fourth grader trumped the Fourth Estate, twice-divorced Rudy ditched his gay pals at the altar, Newt pulled a Hewitt, and Mitt made a jab at Palin (while a reader defended her). I sounded off on Souter and argued that rape and "enhanced interrogation" differ very little. Hitch jumped into the "Churchill and torture" debate, Dale Carpenter and Robin Wilson joined the "gay marriage vs. religious freedom" debate, and Erick Erickson careened towards irrelevance. Dish readers rushed to criticize my Buddhism post, tweeked my take on Miss California, and started to select our photo book cover.

The final windows are from Rome, DC, Silver Spring, New Orleans, Pebble Beach, Mauritania, Vietnam, New York City, Wisconsin, and Fort Lauderdale.

The results of the voting so far are here. Polls are still open.

The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we took another long look at accusations that the British tortured prisoners during World War II. But the big story of the day was Souter's retirement, if anything David Souter does can be regarded as news, and a delayed flare-up from the Matthew Shepard case, which we covered here and here. Republicans have already launched a campaign against Specter, just as Independents are on the rise. On torture today, Krauthammer wrote a chilling column, which Greenwald and Froomkin tackled with ease. Horton took on Condi and Henry Farell piled on Crook. Ta-Nehisi just shook his head at Byron York.

Our Cheney in the Movies contest concluded here and here. We also watched rabbits swarm Manhattan and superheroes save Cincinnati. In home news, the Dish is on a roll.