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The View From Your Window

Aug 29 2014 @ 3:02pm
by Dish Staff

Madulain, Switzerland

Madulain, Switzerland, 4.00 pm

The View From Your Window

Aug 28 2014 @ 6:18pm
by Dish Staff

IMG_20140826_064748910_HDR (1)

Los Angeles, 6.48 am

The View From Your Window

Aug 27 2014 @ 7:23pm
by Dish Staff

Seward, AK, 526pm

Seward, Alaska, 5.26 pm

The View From Your Window

Aug 26 2014 @ 6:20pm
by Dish Staff

Warwick Camp Bermuda 10am

Warwick Camp, Bermuda, 10.00 am

The View From Your Window

Aug 24 2014 @ 10:02am
by Dish Staff


Madison, Wisconsin, 8.13 am

The View From Your Window Contest

Aug 23 2014 @ 12:00pm
by Dish Staff


You have until noon on Tuesday to guess it. City and/or state first, then country. Please put the location in the subject heading, along with any description within the email. If no one guesses the exact location, proximity counts. Be sure to email entries to Winner gets a free The View From Your Window book or two free gift subscriptions to the Dish. Have at it!

Previous contests here.

The View From Your Window

Aug 23 2014 @ 8:16am
by Dish Staff

The View from My WIndow 8-21-2014

Pittsboro, North Carolina, 6.10 am

The View From Your Window

Aug 21 2014 @ 7:39pm
by Dish Staff


Stoke Pound, Worcestershire, UK, 9.15 am

The View From Your Window

Aug 20 2014 @ 3:37pm
by Dish Staff


Jersey City, New Jersey, 8.15 am

by Chas Danner


Only one reader correctly guessed this week’s view:

Way too easy. Come on, at least make us work for it. Its’s clearly New York City, NY, USA.

Another is packing his bags:

I don’t care where it is, but I could live there!

Another elaborates:

If every human being could spend two weeks annually at such a place, workplace violence and domestic abuse would disappear.

A confident guess:

Obviously, this is a rare, full daylight view of Lamplight Village, so often painted by Thomas Kinkade, The Painter of Light:


And available for just three installments of $16.66 (that includes a free, light-painting Thomas Kinkade action figure). Another has a less sentimental guess:

Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Because of reasons.

Or perhaps the UK?

This is a straight-up stumper. No (readable) signs, no cars, no people. no livestock. Six buildings partially visible, and a paved road running through, in some very lovely mountains. Let’s start with the mountains: those could be the Rockies (or other range in western North America), the Alps, the Andes, or somewhere odd like Japan or New Zealand. The sun looks to be more or less directly overhead, so let’s eliminate the southern hemisphere.

My first impulse was Switzerland, but the houses don’t look typically Swiss. My next impulse was Scotland. That feels closer.

If anyone is going to actually decode this (i.e., if anyone is going to get it without having been here on vacation and recognizing it) my guess is that they are going to figure outyellow-box what is up with that yellow box on the side of the building in the foreground that looks like a hand soap dispenser. I am not going to be that person.

So for the sake of keeping my resolution and my sanity I’m going to throw a virtual dart at a map of the Scottish Highlands and say… Fort Augustus, Scotland. Hoping for proximity…


I’m really looking forward to finding out how the winner deduced this, because I haven’t a clue. We have that funny yellow box on the side of the foreground building, but after much googling I still have no idea what it is. Perhaps the style of the sign on the road evokes something for someone, but not for me. Perhaps the combination of the old stone construction, the slate roofs, the solid shutters, and the mountainous setting all add together in a unique way for someone out there, but not for me. Or perhaps the trees make it clear. The best I can get is somewhere in Europe.

Well you’re right about Europe. Another:

I think those who wanted a difficult contest got there wish. Just because I want to make a guess, I’m saying Rottenturm, Switzerland because it looks like it could be somewhere in Europe and that’s where my grandmother was born and lived until she was eighteen and fled Europe for the United States. The look of the buildings and the slopes behind them are how I imagine that town must look.

This reader better watch out for Uncle Sam:

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