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The View From Your Window

Sep 14 2014 @ 10:10am


Porto, Portugal, 11.05 am

The View From Your Window

Sep 10 2014 @ 11:00am

photo (3)

Jaipur, India, 5 pm

The View From Your Window

Sep 8 2014 @ 2:59pm


Bordeaux, France, 1.10 pm

The View From Your Window

Sep 7 2014 @ 10:10am
by Dish Staff


Washington, DC, 7.15 pm

The View From Your Window

Sep 6 2014 @ 7:46pm
by Dish Staff


Laughlin, Nevada, 8 am

The View From Your Window Contest

Sep 6 2014 @ 12:00pm
by Dish Staff


You have until noon on Tuesday to guess it. City and/or state first, then country. Please put the location in the subject heading, along with any description within the email. If no one guesses the exact location, proximity counts. Be sure to email entries to Winner gets a free The View From Your Window book or two free gift subscriptions to the Dish. So have at it, and just be happy you don’t have to compete against these guys:

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The View From Your Window

Sep 5 2014 @ 12:54pm
by Dish Staff

Kumamoto, Japan, 10-30 a.m., August 27, 2014

Kumamoto, Japan, 10.30 am

The View From Your Window

Sep 3 2014 @ 9:59am
by Dish Staff

DSCN1665 (1)

Paonia, Colorado, 4.53 pm

by Chas Danner & Chris Bodenner


A reader sees the Far East:

Aberdeen Fishing Village, Southern edge of Hong Kong Island, China.

A much more detailed entry:

My guess is that this a view of the Mediterranean coast of Peniscola, Spain. Several factors lead me to draw this conclusion. The piece of land appears to be a peninsula because part of it juts out farther than the rest, creating two inlets of water. The water is almost certainly the salt-water ocean, as indicated by the crashing waves and decreasing water level on the shoreline. The leaves of the trees in the center and top left corner of the image suggest there are palm trees, which do, in fact, grow in Peniscola.

Peniscola has a peninsula and the Serra D’Irta mountain range behind it. The intense blue of the water and golden color of the sand in the image very closely resemble the colors of the coast of where the Mediterranean Sea borders Spain. The architecture of the buildings along the coast – the salmon colored rooftops and white stone – are also extremely similar in appearance to images of buildings on the coast of Peniscola. In comparing an image of the Peniscola peninsula to this view, the architectural style of buildings, mountain range, and vegetation including palm trees in the two photographs appear to be very similar. One difference, however, is that the view from the window has more vegetation such as heavy tree growth and fewer houses. I believe the photographs were taken from different angles and in different points along the coast. The view from the window is more distant from the main hub of houses, possibly closer to the mountains and more isolated.​

Another finds a loophole:

You’ve ruined every one of my Saturdays for over a year now with your obscure locales, wild goose chases and Google Street View shenanigans. But finally, I can say with absolute certainty where this photo is located – my balcony:

View from your window

Yee-haw, gimme my book.

Another reader is thinking the south of France:

I took one look at that picture and the words from a song in the early-1960s British Musical Stop The World – I Want To Get Off popped from my lips:

Give me half a chance
In the South of France
To make my pitch
And I’ll be dirty, rotten, stinkin’ filthy rich.

Of course I’m probably whole continents off from where this actually is, but now I should get out the vinyl and listen to the original cast recording for the first time in decades since it’s going to be going through my head all afternoon anyway.

A whole continent off, sadly. An eagle-eyed player notes an essential clue for amateur hotel reviewers:

Wherever it is, they are automatically going to lose a star on Trip Advisor. Why can’t building staff take care of all those annoying dead bugs in webs on the outside of the windows?

Another finds the view within:

Green mountains, white beaches, palm trees … I’ve never been there but this is how I imagine the Caribbean Sea.

Wrong coast. Another try:

Catalina Island, California.

Wrong country, but the following reader nails the right one:

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The View From Your Window

Sep 2 2014 @ 12:09pm
by Dish Staff

Pokhara, Nepal 821am

Pokhara, Nepal, 8.21 am