The Weekly Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew swore to never resist the aging process again after yesterday's beard-catastrophe. Goldblog tackled Andrew's Israel lobby frustrations, and Eugene Volokh dug deeper on Israel's rape by fraud case. Hamburger health insurance created an interesting dilemma for Obama, and we covered the verdict on the mandate's constitutionality. Andrew still couldn't pull … Continue reading The Weekly Wrap

Bill Bennett’s Drug Relapse

Former drug czar William Bennett is pining for the good old days:

Back when our country was making a serious assault on drug abuse, a show like "Weeds" would never be aired. Today it is promoted in full page ads in our nation's most popular magazines. This, for a comedy about the life and times of a marijuana-growing and -dealing family. As the head of the network that produces and airs "Weeds" put it, "Our ratings were va-va-va-voom! Who said hedonism is passé?" This, for a show where one is lured to root for a family responsible for the death of a DEA agent, children dropping out of school, gang violence and rape.

Does the formerly compulsive gambler Bennett recognize any distinction between pleasure and medicine and … hedonism?

The Deeper Dish

by Chris Bodenner A reader writes: I was cleaning a couch today when I extracted A View From Your Window from between the cushions. Photography isn't my taste, but I purchased it (pre-ordered, actually, at the non-discount price) in the hope that you would commission "It's So Personal," "Cannabis Closet," or other collections of reader … Continue reading The Deeper Dish

The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew gave a qualified defense of Rand Paul and his controversial comments on the Civil Rights Act. Weigel joined him, TNC wasn't as forgiving (and praised Maddow's approach), Ezra grilled the GOP nominee, a reader piled on, and Paul started to panic. Friedersdorf still thought he'd make a good addition to … Continue reading The Daily Wrap

The Weekly Wrap

Today on the Dish we rounded up reaction to Britain's historic election and likely hung parliament. Cameron courted Clegg, voters were clear on Cameron's mandate, Patrick Dunleavy looked ahead, Simon Tisdall scrutinized coalitions, and Hertzberg backed proportional representation. Drunk-voting update here. Analysis of the new jobs report here, here, and here. Coverage of the Greek … Continue reading The Weekly Wrap

Top Ten Posts Of The Year By Traffic

  1. Worst Logo Ever: 402,400 page views
  2. Sarah Palin Does Not Understand Cap And Trade: 235,551 page views
  3. Chris Wallace, A Teenage Girl Interviewing The Jonas Brothers: 198,593 page views
  4. "My Favorite Memo Ever": 113,582 page views
  5. The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin: A Summary Before The Next Round: 98,642 page views
  6. Death Panels Without the Panels: 91,709 page views
  7. To Our Readers: 80,122 page views
  8. The Drunkest Nation: 80,055 page views
  9. The Cannabis Closet: The Parents II: 69,874 page views
  10. Follow-Up On Earlier Posts: 68,254

All this is according to Omniture Web Analytics. Traffic from posts with the same title (Quote For The Day, The View From Your Sickbed, Mental Health Break, etc) could not be differentiated. Such posts are therefore excluded from this ranking.

All in all, you get a glimpse of what succeeds online: masturbating priests, Matt Stone's potty mouth, Sarah Palin's gargantuan lies, taking a moment to make sense of Sarah Palin's gargantuan lies, Chris Wallace's fellatial non-journalism, shit-faced Brits, and stoned parents. But the logo that gave us over 400,000 pageviews?

So dirty you'll have to click: