“The View From Your Window”: First Batch Shipped


The first offset run of 2,000 books – which were bought up last month in just four days – are shipping out today to their new owners.  About half of the 1,000 books in the second batch are still available, so secure one today for just $16.25.  Those purchased copies will be sent out on the 9th – still in time for the holidays (click here for the official shipping charts). They make a great gift, especially for a Dish reader you know, or anyone else who might be captivated by a world-tour through 200 separate windows photographed by readers over the past three years.

You can preview the book here with an interactive guide at Blurb.com, the print-on-demand company that is publishing it. We just expanded the preview feature to include half of the photos inside, so it's worth a look even if you went there already.

“The View From Your Window”: First Run Sold Out

The Window book got a little swallowed up by Palinpalooza these past two weeks, but the sales didn't slacken. We sold 2,000 at the low, crowdsourced price of $16.25 within a week, and we've now persuaded Blurb to publish another 1,000 at the same price. After this next thousand are snapped up, the price will … Continue reading “The View From Your Window”: First Run Sold Out