The Weekly Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew jumped off of Noah Millman's point on gay rights to make a larger point about Tea Party nostalgia and America's future. He endorsed some of Pete Wehner's explanation of Bill O'Reilly on Park 51, and Andrew, Frum and others bounced back and forth on a post-November GOP. Jonah Goldberg and Jonathan Chait bet their blogs on Obama's impeachment, while Thoreau and Drum played along.

Andrew called foul on the Obama administration on DADT, while Ed Morrissey envisioned a scenario where the injunction lasted for the next two years. Brian Palmer explained how the military figures out which soldiers are gay, Glenn Beck was disgusted by bigotry for sport, a pollster explained America's increasing support for gay equality, and this Catholic primate thought AIDS was "immanent justice."

Andrew bucked Jamelle Bouie's jeers at the "successful."Joyner agreed that ADHD may be a symptom of an archaic education system, and U.S. life expectancy was low because of Medicare. Oregon was bicurious via our readers, Kaiser looked at the popularity of a health care repeal, and readers weighed in on absentee voting. Reagan reduced California's incarcerations, and the ethanol lobby fueled full-steam ahead. A paraplegic walked on a robot exoskeleton, and Greenwald likened the war on drugs to the war on terror. Pot was more popular than some politicians, Chris Hayes visited and began to understand what occupation requires, and Israel took more steps backwards. More voices sounded off on the foreign money bonanza, Ackerman previewed Monday's WikiLeaks dump, and Larison didn't want to confuse military spending with defense spending.

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Thursday on the Dish, Andrew marvelled at Obama's record thus far, even if his messages sometimes suffered for it. Andrew nodded in agreement with Douthat over climate change, and still believed conservatives should seek to conserve. Tim Lee and Andrew expressed concern over the rise of absentee ballots, and Christine O'Donnell was the perfect product of America's talk show culture.

The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, the Log Cabin Republicans trapped Obama on DADT, Andrew butchered Paladino's perverted speech and Steinglass thought he just blew his chances. Andrew reminisced about the past ten years of blogging and apologized again for his "fifth column" remarks. For the anniversary he appeared on Charlie Rose, and readers offered their two-cents. … Continue reading The Daily Wrap

The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we followed coverage of the healthcare summit. Reax here and here. More commentary and analysis from Jonathan Bernstein, Mark Blumenthal, Jon Cohn, and Ross Douthat. Andrew wanted to laud Paul Ryan but couldn’t quite get there. Meanwhile, McCain huffed and Palin watched hockey. Readers here and here disagreed with Andrew on … Continue reading The Daily Wrap


Strange things going on in Boston. Loads of people streaming past us on sidewalks wearing caps with “B” emblazoned on them. And small items of clothing as logos. Is there some sort of sporting event going on? CORRECTION OF THE DAY: “In the Oct. 17 Sunday Source, the “Gatherings” story described a Republican barbecue held … Continue reading LOTS OF PEOPLE