Just back from a dinner party at Christopher Hitchens’s – a refreshingly eclectic crowd, from David Frum to Lewis Lapham. For some unaccountable reason, Mrs. Graham didn’t invite any of us to her inaugural Georgetown dinner party for W. I’m crushed. Anyway, much glee from all sides on Rodhamscam. Hitch and I barely agree on … Continue reading ON THE COUCH


Am I the only one to be mildly suspicious of Donna Brazile’s recent confession that she admires Clarence Thomas? In the American Spectator Online, she says that she considers Thomas to be a “role model for black Americans” just “like Jesse Jackson, Tiger Woods and Thurgood Marshall.” Yes, Marshall “had a different path” to the … Continue reading DONNA E IGNOBILE


Mickey Kaus, never one to shill for paleo-libs or Democratic hacks, backs my personal view of Paul Offner’s credibility: He says on Kausfiles.com, “Who is Paul Offner, the man who accuses John Ashcroft of asking about “sexual preference” in a job interview? It so happens that the editor of kausfiles knows Offner, having worked with … Continue reading THANKS, MICKEY


A typically smarmy piece by Andrew Ferguson in the current Slate about the alleged “failing upward” of Mary Matalin. Ferguson cannot believe that anyone would fall in love with someone whose politics is diametrically opposite. Mercifully, I don’t know anything about the romantic life of Andrew Ferguson but his aspersions on the Matalin-Carville hook-up are … Continue reading LOVE AND POLITICS


Bum rap on Chavez, methinks. What did her in was eliding the truth to the Bushies. They hate finding stuff out in the paper. And then her bizarre press conference, which looked like an attack and became a surrender, left everyone confused. The AFL-CIO seems pleased but they won’t do much better next time. Whoever … Continue reading CLOSE CHAVEZ