The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish we homed in on Gordon Brown's historic gaffe. Video here. The media jumped into action, Labour officials spun, the old widow reacted in shock, Alastair Campbell sounded off, his fictional doppelganger raged, Andrew Rawnsley saw a long pattern in Brown's behavior, and the polls continued to look bad for his party. … Continue reading The Daily Wrap

“I Was A Walking Corpse” In The Conservative Community

And other incidents in which free-thinkers on the right were fired, punished, ostracized and uninvited after moments of dissent. Bruce Bartlett has the names. My own ostracism was enforced from 2002 onwards as I criticized spending. Mercifully, I don't live or work in the professional conservative think-tank/magazine world. But I am airbrushed from any account … Continue reading “I Was A Walking Corpse” In The Conservative Community

The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew assessed the sustained surge of Nick Clegg, polling continued to look precarious for Labour, Cameron played up civil liberties, the gay vote swung to the Lib-Dems, Massie considered a Lib-Tory deal, Martin Ivens impressed Andrew with his analysis, and a reader explored the need for electoral reform. Round-up of commentary … Continue reading The Daily Wrap


Douthat feels that labeling Levin’s antics entertainment is the only defense: Both politically and intellectually, American conservatism would be better off if Levin’s fans responded to Manzi’s post, not by objecting that he didn’t take “Liberty and Tyranny” seriously enough (he did take Levin’s arguments seriously, and that’s precisely why his criticisms were so scathing), … Continue reading “Entertainment”