What’s So Wrong With “Sucks”?

A reader writes: In light of the discussion of Alec Baldwin’s homophobic rants and your insistence that his use of the phrase “cocksucking fag” reveals much about his deeply-held views on homosexuality (a point I agree with, whole-heartedly!), I’d like to push the discussion in the direction of considering the use of the word “sucks” in general. It … Continue reading What’s So Wrong With “Sucks”?

Don’t Judge A Baldwin By His Outburst?

Wes Alwan responds to the hand-wringing over Alec Baldwin’s “cock-sucking fag” controversy: These condemnations are grounded in a number of highly implausible theses that amount to a very flimsy moral psychology. The first is the extremely inhumane idea that we ought to make global judgments about people’s characters based on their worst moments, when they are least in … Continue reading Don’t Judge A Baldwin By His Outburst?

Yes, Elizabeth Warren Would Probably Lose

Noam Scheiber defends his piece on Warren regardless: I can’t help thinking many pundits missed the point when, in response to my recent story about Elizabeth Warren (“Hillary’s Nightmare”), they ticked off all the reasons Hillary Clinton would crush Warren in a potential primary matchup. It’s not that I disagree. In the piece, I describe how … Continue reading Yes, Elizabeth Warren Would Probably Lose

The Best Of The Dish This Weekend

I found out about the wonderfully named “Soylent” only a week ago. It’s a meal replacement drink created and funded like a crowd-sourced app. Let me say upfront: I long for it. I’m one of those people who are food-indifferent. I find cooking boring beyond belief and eating a duty rather than a pleasure. Obviously, … Continue reading The Best Of The Dish This Weekend

I’m a Leftist

A reader writes: "Your blood-and-thunder, hateful tirades against our commander-in-chief in time of war and at a vulnerable point IN that war has at last marked a watershed in your ‘evolution’ from long-ago conservative to current leftist-in-just-about-everything-name [sic].Your language, your attitude and your position have finally placed you pretty firmly in the camp of Michael … Continue reading I’m a Leftist