Eating Man’s Best Friend

John D. Sutter doesn’t understand why we don’t eat dogs: The United States euthanizes 1.2 million dogs per year, according to the ASPCA. Would eating them be so different? It actually could be seen as helpful. “[U]nlike all farmed meat, which requires the creation and maintenance of animals, dogs are practically begging to be eaten,” … Continue reading Eating Man’s Best Friend

The Best Of The Dish This Weekend

Some arguments: that Thomas Aquinas was smarter than the New Atheists; that friendship with dogs is all about our shared “spiritedness“; that Rudyard Kipling was more readable than Virginia Woolf; that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is worth a libertarian critique. Some beauty: a poem called “X”; an animation triumph; the elders of burlesque. Leon Wieseltier … Continue reading The Best Of The Dish This Weekend

The Weekly Wrap

(New York, New York, 5.19 pm) Friday on the Dish, Andrew read trouble for the GOP in the sequester tea leaves, probed the cracks in the wall of lies surrounding torture, and respected Will Saletan’s ability to admit when he was wrong. He recapped his passionate debate with Ben Smith of BuzzFeed, clarified the distinction between journalism and ad copy, and rounded up tweets from the … Continue reading The Weekly Wrap

The Daily Wrap

Partial video of @sullydish & @buzzfeedben fitenite w/ @dkthomp in middle #smw13 #smwSullyFeed — Jesse Ferrell (@Accu_Jesse) February 22, 2013 Today on the Dish, Andrew questioned whether a focus on continued growth can truly make us happy, reminded the Breitbart crew that reality always wins, wondered if Republicans will be able to move past neoconservatism, and cheered Zack Kopplin for standing up to … Continue reading The Daily Wrap

Thread Archive

last updated 5/6/2014 Listed in reverse-chronological order with the ostsost recent threads at the top: Most Recent: Do I Sound Gay? May 2014 Andrew and readers share their opinions of the sound of gay voices. The War Over The Core Apr – May 2014 Reader and the blogosphere debate on the pros/cons of the Common … Continue reading Thread Archive

The Weekly Wrap


Friday on the Dish, Andrew hailed Romney's up-trending favorability as the legacy of the first debate and reviled GOP cynicism in accusing Obama of creating partisan gridlock. He then shot down voting against Obama because of his cannabis policy and lambasted Buzz Bissinger for likening Romney to Clinton.

In polls, the Nates mulled Gallup's accuracy as Ezra Klein talked with the polling firm's Frank Newport. Silver then rounded up signs of a possible Obama rebound and Blumenthal checked in on the Senate races. 

More generally, TNC compared Obama to Joe Louis, Ann Friedman supported "binders full of women" and John Sides found that Obama had more ads on the air than Romney. Tagg's surname "built that," Chait thought Obama would have the upper hand in fiscal cliff fisticuffs and Chris Geidner mapped out marriage equality. Washington's legalization initiative enjoyed a sizable lead, the West's approach to Iran mirrored Iraq and Reihan revealed the best policy idea no one is talking about. Bob Wright then reflected on a study suggesting racism is learned, biracial people ascended and Corey Fields examined black Republicans. In the ad war, the Obama campaign channeled Reagan and reinforced its new auto-industry line of attack.

In assorted commentary, Andrew called our approach to climate change "silence = death," Colbert philosophized on grief and readers responded to the Newsweek news. Americans tended to overestimate their work hours, Patrick Ryan recalled how a seizure wiped his memory and McDonald's rolled out the BigSpicyPaneer. And while social media censorship disturbed Mathew Ingram, Matt Tullis profiled a horseshoe-pitching virtuoso and Jon Stewart's "Night of Too Many Stars" benefited people with autism. Face of the Day from Beirut here, VFYW here and MHB here.

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