Maciel Dead

One of the most powerful and well-connected child-abusers in the Catholic hierarchy, Marcial Maciel Degollado, has died. Rocco’s obit is here. Benedict made some efforts to hold him accountable for countless crimes, but, like most of the child-abusers with strong Vatican connections, Maciel was never prosecuted: The community’s formal notice said that Maciel passed away … Continue reading Maciel Dead

Maciel’s Defenders

They represent a Who’s Who of American theoconservatives. Money quotes: "The recent revival of long discredited allegations against Father Maciel would come as a surprise were it not for the fact that the U.S. is currently experiencing a resurgence of anti-Catholicism. One would have thought that Father Neuhaus’s meticulous analysis of the evidence in First … Continue reading Maciel’s Defenders


The website that devotes itself to seeking justice for those who claim they were molested by the Legion of Christ’s leader says that the investigation has not ended. I don’t know how to judge their claims. The website is a good resource, though, for learning more about this troubling matter.

An Acid Test For Francis

The UN Report on the Vatican’s role as a global conspiracy to enable, abet and cover up crimes against humanity is a vital reminder of just how hideous the Catholic Church has been in violating the souls and bodies of so many innocents. Sometimes, the sheer scale of the abuse renders one mute. But it … Continue reading An Acid Test For Francis

Debating Woody Allen On Super Bowl Sunday, Ctd

To share in this way is courageous, powerful and generous. Please read: — Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) February 1, 2014 A reader writes: I understand your perspective on Dylan Farrow and respect what you have written.  I, too, am deeply sympathetic to her and refuse to dismiss what she has said.  Nonetheless, the account published … Continue reading Debating Woody Allen On Super Bowl Sunday, Ctd