Don’t Judge A Baldwin By His Outburst? Ctd

TNC strikes back at Alwan’s understanding of what “bigot” means: The notion that bigot has “its origins in the general notion of close-mindedness” would be news to etymologists. The origins of the word ”bigot” are unknown, but the current theory holds that it is an import from Middle French denoting someone who was sanctimonious or hypocritically religious. Alwan is concerned about … Continue reading Don’t Judge A Baldwin By His Outburst? Ctd

Don’t Judge A Baldwin By His Outburst? Ctd

TNC rebuts Wes Alwan’s defense of Baldwin’s bigotry: The most telling—and bizarre—portion of Alwan’s essay is the idea that “homophobic feelings are no more of a choice than homosexuality itself.” This is a really terrible thing to write, but more importantly it’s false.  And I know it’s false because I was once a homophobic bigot. When I was a … Continue reading Don’t Judge A Baldwin By His Outburst? Ctd

Don’t Judge A Baldwin By His Outburst?

Wes Alwan responds to the hand-wringing over Alec Baldwin’s “cock-sucking fag” controversy: These condemnations are grounded in a number of highly implausible theses that amount to a very flimsy moral psychology. The first is the extremely inhumane idea that we ought to make global judgments about people’s characters based on their worst moments, when they are least in … Continue reading Don’t Judge A Baldwin By His Outburst?

The First Debate: Reader Reax I

Some initial reaction from the in-tray (which is swamped with more than 700 emails since the debate started):

I donated to the Obama campaign just a couple of days ago. Not that I'm changing my mind for November, but can I get my money back? Sheesh.


Romney is the insurance salesman with the quiet demeanor and the PowerPoint presentation, while Obama is the stammered. The hesitations and pauses are keeping him from presenting his ideas with authority.


Watching Romney tonight I couldn't help but think of Alec Baldwin's masterful monologue in Glengarry Glen Ross. ABC – Always Be Closing. Romney was closing, making the hard sell. He didn't want the steak knives; he wanted that Cadillac. So he aggressively used dishonest and misleading tactics to make his sale to the public. And he was pretty good at it. Although I don't think the debate was a game changer as much as a cold bucket of water on the Obama. Let's hope that woke up the President and he doesn't let Romney off the hook in the next two debates other wise America will be left with investments in Florida real estate that we can't afford.


I am an Obama supporter and I think you’re right; Romney is winning. He’s running from his own record and tacking to the center. So he’s running as a moderate. Obama pegged him once by calling him on his changes in tax policy, but that’s a hard argument to make in a debate. So Romney is winning this by not being Romney.


My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd

The in-tray keeps getting flooded with feedback on this subject: Here is my take, as a long-time reader, on the reason so many of my fellow Dishheads have written in to express disappointment with the coverage of feminist issues on the Dish. I read articles such as the recent expose of the culture of silence … Continue reading My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd

Next Up: Telepathic Tweeting

NSFW, because Alec Baldwin: Leslie Horn flags a recent study suggesting that Shitter isn’t as fictional as you might think: Basically what happened is this: One subject was located in one room and the other in another room, and they couldn’t communicate in any way other than via their brains. They both looked at a game where they had … Continue reading Next Up: Telepathic Tweeting

Dissents Of The Day

@ParkerMolloy @sullydish Couldn’t even respond to his own critics, Had to do so vis a vis a @fakedansavage story. And we’re ‘pathetic’. — Rachel Collier (@missrachel76) June 10, 2014 Collier may have missed our airing of dissents from transgender readers here. The Dish doesn’t duck from strong criticism. Another reader: I disagree with your view on language … Continue reading Dissents Of The Day