Circumcision And Risky Business

Matt Collin ponders a new study [pdf] about post-circumcision sexual behavior in Kenya:

At first glance, this sounds like good news: those who said they believed that circumcision was effective reduced their risky behaviour – the exact opposite of what one would expect from a Peltzman-type relationship. Wilson et al. chalk this up to a sort-of income effect: now that their baseline risk of contracting HIV is lower (therefore raising potential life expectancy), subjects who have been circumcised decide to invest more in life quality, avoiding dangerous behaviours.

Making Circumcision A Choice

Freddie deBoer makes a strong argument against infant circumcision:

In a free society, individuals are free to make their own choices. And they should particularly be free to make their own choices about their bodies. Any adult man is fully free to go get a circumcision if he wants one. (The fact that none do, outside of the coercion involved in religious conversion in order to get married, should tell you something.) Men who were circumcised as infants are denied that right.

The Anti-Semitism Behind San Francisco’s Anti-Circumcision Proposal

It's maddening and sickening at the same time. Given these themes behind the movement, despite my conviction that male genital mutilation is a violation of human freedom, I'd vote against it now. The contempt for religious freedom and the use of this kind of anti-Semitic dreck – Monster Mohel anyone? – have pushed me over … Continue reading The Anti-Semitism Behind San Francisco’s Anti-Circumcision Proposal

Mass Circumcision

Shaun Raviv reports on male genital mutilation efforts in Swaziland, where just "under 20 percent of Swaziland’s 1 million people are HIV positive." The data is there that it can help stem HIV transmission, but, as always, there are unintended consequences:

Circumcision And Promiscuity

by Chris Bodenner After news broke that the CDC might recommend circumcision for HIV prevention, KJ Dell'Antonia noticed that few if any people were debating the chance of increased promiscuity among teenage boys. Since opposition to HPV vaccination has centered on female promiscuity, she sees a double standard: If both procedures might make unprotected sex … Continue reading Circumcision And Promiscuity