The Truthiness Of Buzzfeed

So many questions unanswered about Diane. In 15 minutes I will post the photo and hopefully we can resolve all this — elan gale (@theyearofelan) December 3, 2013 Here is Diana sitting in a chair — elan gale (@theyearofelan) December 3, 2013 Whoops. Meant Diane. Great time for a typo — elan gale (@theyearofelan) … Continue reading The Truthiness Of Buzzfeed

What We Want Data Trackers To Tell Us

Anne Helen Petersen identifies a major reason why tracking devices have taken off: The future will be quantified … because these devices promise the latest iteration of what we’ve always sought: happiness. Which, at least in the 21st century, doubles as simplicity. A life in which your heartbeat and respiration and location dictate when your house turns off and … Continue reading What We Want Data Trackers To Tell Us

What Did Bush Know And When Did He Know It?

For me, the question remains a fascinating one. The revelation that the first briefing that Bush got on waterboarding was in 2006 is a staggering finding. His own book contradicts this. But the CIA has no records of briefings other than that. And their internal response to his 2006 speech showed how distant they were. … Continue reading What Did Bush Know And When Did He Know It?

Would You Report Your Rape?

Danielle Campoamor shares her own experience: I always thought that if I ever became a victim of sexual assault, I’d say something. I’d be the girl reporting it, sitting on a witness stand and pointing a defiant finger, just like the actresses on SVU. There wouldn’t be a second thought or a deliberate pause; I’d … Continue reading Would You Report Your Rape?

Vengeance Of The Nerds, Ctd

RT @Sargon_of_Akkad: @SabrinaLianne Here’s that montage of the ladies of #GamerGate and #NotYourShield — NotYourShieldProject (@NotYourShield) October 16, 2014 A few readers provide key counterpoints to the controversy: Your latest post presents only one side of a very complex, many-sided argument and unfortunately perpetuates the narrative that #GamerGate is mostly a reactionary, misogynistic movement. Please understand that … Continue reading Vengeance Of The Nerds, Ctd

Back From The Desert, Ctd

This week we have aired various opinions from readers on the fantastic month of guest-blogging. Or how one puts it: Unbelievably awesome viewpoints and people, even when I don’t agree. So well written. I am reading all of their stuff! In years past, I maybe skipped when Andrew went on vacation. Stupid me. Another reader: I have vastly … Continue reading Back From The Desert, Ctd

I’m Not Sure There’s a Workable Path for Professional Online Writers

by Freddie deBoer So it won’t surprise anybody to learn that I really, really don’t like Buzzfeed. Sometimes, when I consider the Buzzfeed phenomenon, I think I’m living in some sort of fictional satirical world where Buzzfeed is a symbol of how far media can fall. It’s like living in a Douglas Copeland novel. Buzzfeed’s … Continue reading I’m Not Sure There’s a Workable Path for Professional Online Writers

How Not To Read The Bible

by Matthew Sitman From ages 17 to 23, Jessica Misener was a born-again Christian. And then she went to graduate school at Yale, learned a bit of Hebrew and Greek, delved into studying Scripture, and eventually lost her faith, which “hinged almost solely on believing the Bible to be the literal, inspired word of God”: … Continue reading How Not To Read The Bible

Is Marriage Equality In Oregon Here To Stay?

by Patrick Appel Mark Joseph Stern believes so: Oregon’s attorney general has already refused to defend the law—and it’s unclear whether the state’s liberal governor, John Kitzhaber, is willing to spend state funds to defend a law he deems unconstitutional. If the state refuses to defend the ban in any capacity, McShane’s ruling might simply be … Continue reading Is Marriage Equality In Oregon Here To Stay?