The Best Of The Dish Today

Check out this review of the Boies-Olson book. It’s by David France, who made the best documentary about the AIDS years, the Oscar-winning How To Survive A Plague. And, yes, I’m persistent. Speaking of documentaries, “Do I Sound Gay?” was the runner-up in the People’s Choice award at the Toronto Film Festival. Since Dishheads contributed … Continue reading The Best Of The Dish Today

Larry Kramer’s Normal Heart

by Katie Zavadski The HBO adaptation of Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart,” an autobiographical tale of the onset of AIDS and the births of Act Up and GMHC, premieres this Monday. And Larry, visibly aged in the video seen above, was by all accounts as active on set with director Ryan Murphy as anywhere else. Patrick Healy looked … Continue reading Larry Kramer’s Normal Heart

Forgetting The Struggle

[Re-posted from earlier today] Frank Rich worries that rapid advances in gay rights are obscuring the discrimination faced by the gay community in the recent past: For younger Americans, straight and gay, the old amnesia gene, the most durable in our national DNA, has already kicked in. Larry Kramer was driven to hand out flyers at the … Continue reading Forgetting The Struggle

How To Create Actual Change

After watching How To Survive A Plague, Josh Barro identifies why ACT UP was so successful: ACT UP activists weren’t just angry about national apathy and inaction on AIDS; they also had specific demands and constructive ideas about how the government and drug companies could do better. Unlike a lot of protest movements, once they got … Continue reading How To Create Actual Change

Koch Block, Ctd

Richard Kim puts Koch’s foot-dragging on AIDS in perspective: By January 1984, New York City under Koch’s leadership had spent a total of just $24,500 on AIDS. That same year, San Francisco, a city one tenth the size of New York, spent $4.3 million, a figure that grew to over $10 million annually by 1987. The mayor of San Francisco during those … Continue reading Koch Block, Ctd

Jodie Foster Stops Lying

Below are the posts in which Andrew and readers respond to Foster’s bizarre coming-out/acceptance speech while receiving a lifetime achievement award at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. Mon Jan 14, 2013 – 12:29pm: Jodie Foster Stops Lying Full transcript here. Her date last night, believe it or not, was wife-abusing, homophobic anti-Semite, Mel Gibson. Would … Continue reading Jodie Foster Stops Lying

Jodie Foster Stops Lying, Ctd

This Onion report is priceless (sorry for the ad beforehand): Some final reaction from readers on this week’s popular thread: So you continue to assert and condemn Jodie Foster as having attacked other gay people. As I re-read her speech, her strawman was baiting the media, which would surely schedule a press conference, not other gays. Again, cite … Continue reading Jodie Foster Stops Lying, Ctd


Michael Specter dubs American entrepreneur Russ George “the world’s first geo-vigilante”: This summer, it has just been revealed, George dumped a hundred tons of iron sulfate into the Pacific Ocean about two hundred nautical miles west of the Canadian islands of Haida Gwaii, triggering a ten-thousand-square-kilometre plankton bloom. In theory, the approach is not as … Continue reading Enviro-Vigilantes!