Extra-Special K

The club-drug, ketamine, is essentially an animal anaesthetic. Because it gives people pleasure and in large doses can be dangerous, it’s illegal for recreational use. But, as we know, the fact that a substance provides pleasure has no correlation with its other potential therapeutic properties. Pharmaceuticals are all pharmaceuticals. So it’s encouraging but not surprising … Continue reading Extra-Special K


Brave and smart piece in National Review Online by Dave Kopel, urging President Bush to fire New Orleans U.S. Attorney, Eddie Jordan. Jordan has recently decided to try and shut down theaters that house “techno-raves” on the grounds that they are de facto equivalents of “crack-houses” that are already illegal as venues designed for drug … Continue reading CRACK HOUSES AND OUT OF CONTROL PROSECUTORS


Trust me. This is sticking. Now the Los Angeles Times has done a thorough story. My favorite quotes from it? Robert Woodsen, black activist: “[Jackson] uses the black community to threaten corporations, but then who benefits? It’s not the black community. It’s a handful of black businessmen around Jesse Jackson. And what it’s really doing … Continue reading JACKSON WATCH