Do Mascots Need Modernizing? Ctd

Readers continue the debate: Congress wants to be involved because the topic seems national, seems important (aggrieved minorities), seems controversial (big biz vs tribes), and gives the politician a platform on which to look important (spouting). The whole farce is just a simulacrum of doing the real work of legislating (which is slow, quiet, and … Continue reading Do Mascots Need Modernizing? Ctd

Do Mascots Need Modernizing? Ctd

A reader writes: I have to agree with Doug Mataconis; why does Congress need to be involved here?  Moreover, how many people upon hearing the word “Redskin” conjure up negative stereotypical images of Native Americans?  I’d have to think maybe 1 out of 10 thinks of Native Americans instead of football players. But where would … Continue reading Do Mascots Need Modernizing? Ctd

Do Mascots Need Modernizing?

Earlier this week, ten members of Congress sent a letter to the front office of the Washington Redskins, pushing them to select a new mascot: In this day and age, it is imperative that you uphold your moral responsibility to disavow the usage of racial slurs.  The usage of the “R-word” is especially harmful to … Continue reading Do Mascots Need Modernizing?

The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #222

A reader writes: Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD. If I’m right, my self-esteem will be temporarily bolstered. Camden Yards actually wasn’t too far off. Another reader: Looks like Harbor Yard, home of the Bridgeport Bluefish in Bridgeport, CT.  It’s a great place to watch a ball game.  Even if it’s wrong, it’s good to support the ‘fish. … Continue reading The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #222

The Fightin’ IP Attorneys?

Why not the Washington Reagans? You only need to change a few letters and whiten up the mascot some. — daveweigel (@daveweigel) June 18, 2014 Adam Raymond explains what has Washington sports fans riled up this morning: Eight years after a group of Native Americans filed a lawsuit seeking to repeal the Washington Redskins trademark, the U.S. … Continue reading The Fightin’ IP Attorneys?

“The Most Uncharitable Name Ever Conceived For A Charitable Group”

That’s what Josh Levin dubs Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s new “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation”: If you want my money, he’s saying, you’re going to have to choke down my nickname along with it. This is the essence of Dan Snyder: He can’t do good works without shoving his badness in your face. Arturo García is equally unimpressed: Snyder … Continue reading “The Most Uncharitable Name Ever Conceived For A Charitable Group”

Why Should Women Shave?

Jun 24, 2013 @ 3:00pm A reader writes in with a good bloody question (I’m back from England but the language is still a bit transitional): In your latest episode of beard-blogging, you write that “Men …. will grow beards if they do nothing. The case, it seems to me, has to be made by … Continue reading Why Should Women Shave?

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last updated 5/6/2014 Listed in reverse-chronological order with the ostsost recent threads at the top: Most Recent: Do I Sound Gay? May 2014 Andrew and readers share their opinions of the sound of gay voices. The War Over The Core Apr – May 2014 Reader and the blogosphere debate on the pros/cons of the Common … Continue reading Thread Archive