Surrender Douthat! Ctd

I argued that opponents of marriage equality should stop playing the victim and instead of focusing on gays “make a positive argument about the superior model of a monogamous, procreative, heterosexual marital bond”: There is enormous beauty and depth to the Catholic argument for procreative matrimony – an account of sex and gender and human … Continue reading Surrender Douthat! Ctd

Sourcing The Matthew Shepard Story

Alyssa Rosenberg has written an atypically brutal and ad hominem take-down of Jimenez’s The Book Of Matt. She focuses on the reliability of his anonymous sources: [T]he sourcing gets particularly weak when Jimenez tries to make the leap from suggesting that Shepard used methamphetamine to suggesting that he was dealing on a large scale. A … Continue reading Sourcing The Matthew Shepard Story

Hating On Hate Crimes Laws

Based on my comments during the Book of Matt series we just ran, a reader asks: Are you seriously opposed to hate crime laws? Maybe I misunderstood you. Here’s why simply enforcing “regular assault” laws is inadequate when the motive is hate: A hate crime is, by definition, designed to strike fear into a group/community of … Continue reading Hating On Hate Crimes Laws

Honoring Shepard With The Truth

In today’s video from Jimenez, he addresses the criticism he faced after working on the 20/20 piece that first introduced the thesis of The Book Of Matt to the world in 2004: Sure enough, Media Matters has already published a take-down of Jimenez’s book before it’s even released. And this is how the Matthew Shepard Foundation has responded thus … Continue reading Honoring Shepard With The Truth