The Role Of Meth In Matthew Shepard’s Murder

In our second video from Stephen Jimenez, author of The Book Of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard, he explains what he discovered regarding Shepard’s involvement with crystal meth and the drug trade: A reader comments on the previous video: Maybe I’ll read Jimenez’s book; maybe I won’t. But neither Mr. Shepard’s involvement with … Continue reading The Role Of Meth In Matthew Shepard’s Murder

Reexamining The Murder Of Matthew Shepard

Stephen Jimenez’s upcoming book, The Book Of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard, is the result of more than a decade of research into the truth behind Shepard’s brutal 1998 murder in Laramie, Wyoming. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Steve and discuss his book. In our first video, … Continue reading Reexamining The Murder Of Matthew Shepard

Surrender Douthat! Ctd

I argued that opponents of marriage equality should stop playing the victim and instead of focusing on gays “make a positive argument about the superior model of a monogamous, procreative, heterosexual marital bond”: There is enormous beauty and depth to the Catholic argument for procreative matrimony – an account of sex and gender and human … Continue reading Surrender Douthat! Ctd

“The Right To Be Different”

In a blog post summarizing his review of The Book Of Matt, Freddie DeBoer argues that rethinking the popular narrative of Shepard’s death could be good for the gay rights movement: This will to make Shepard a martyr is part of a broad change in the philosophy of the gay rights movement of the past several decades, which has retreated … Continue reading “The Right To Be Different”

Who’s Afraid Of The Truth?

Allow me to recommend Jim Fallows’ latest post on freedom of speech and Max Blumenthal’s grueling book about the extremist elements in contemporary Israel, Goliath. The core point is that, whatever you believe about the arguments of the book, or of its author, it remains a powerfully reported account of actual people currently living in … Continue reading Who’s Afraid Of The Truth?

Hating On Hate Crimes Laws

Based on my comments during the Book of Matt series we just ran, a reader asks: Are you seriously opposed to hate crime laws? Maybe I misunderstood you. Here’s why simply enforcing “regular assault” laws is inadequate when the motive is hate: A hate crime is, by definition, designed to strike fear into a group/community of … Continue reading Hating On Hate Crimes Laws

Honoring Shepard With The Truth

In today’s video from Jimenez, he addresses the criticism he faced after working on the 20/20 piece that first introduced the thesis of The Book Of Matt to the world in 2004: Sure enough, Media Matters has already published a take-down of Jimenez’s book before it’s even released. And this is how the Matthew Shepard Foundation has responded thus … Continue reading Honoring Shepard With The Truth

Ask Anything Archive

Here are all the guests that have been featured in our Ask Anything interview series. They first appear alphabetically below, then reverse chronologically after that. Andrew’s Ask Anything answers are here. Guests: [one_half]Spencer Ackerman Reza Aslan Josh Barro Bruce Bartlett Shane Bauer Peter Beinart Jesse Bering Kate Bolick Mark Bowden Steven Brill Tina Brown Charles … Continue reading Ask Anything Archive