I let rip on the academic Stalinists baying for Summers’ blood on the Chris Matthews Show this weekend. I cannot believe the hysteria. Well, actually, the sad things is I can believe it. But if Summers goes down, the chilling effect on intellectual freedom in this country will be intense. That’s what the far left … Continue reading HEADS UP


In mulling over the Social Security crisis-unlike a few folks I admire, I’m convinced that there is one-it occurred to me that conservatism is deeply unpopular. This might sound odd in light of President Bush’s reelection, the endless hand wringing among liberals, and the obliteration of the Democratic Party in the white South. I can … Continue reading CONSERVATISM IS DEEPLY UNPOPULAR


Mike’s encounter with the new world of the collective blog-brain can be read here. Thanks for helping. I particularly admire this observation: What floored me was not just the volume and speed of the feedback but its seriousness and sophistication. Sure, there were some simpletons and some name-calling nasties echoing rote-learned propaganda. But we get … Continue reading KINSLEY RESPONDS


Yes, their record of appeasing dictators goes back a long way: A July 23 editorial in London’s Daily Telegraph points out that “BBC journalism exhibits the same ‘agenda-setting’ mentality… The BBC’s bias against the war led it into grotesque distortion of reality.” History repeats itself. Winston Churchill’s access to the radio broadcasting state monopoly in … Continue reading THE BBC VERSUS CHURCHILL