Iraq’s Resurgent Taliban

Zeyad offers news of what is happening to the Iraqi capital: Baghdadis are reporting that radical Islamists have taken control over the Dora, Amiriya and Ghazaliya districts of Baghdad, where they operate in broad daylight. They have near full control of Saidiya, Jihad, Jami‚Äôa, Khadhraa‚Äô and Adil. And their area of influence has spread over … Continue reading Iraq’s Resurgent Taliban


BEGALA AWARD WINNER 2001: “Perhaps it’s eerie serendipity, perhaps it’s my paranoia, but an acid thought keeps plaguing me. Isn’t it odd that on the day – the DAY – that the Democrats launched their most blistering attack on “the absolute lunacy” of Bush’s unproven missile-defense system, which “threatens to pull the trigger on the … Continue reading 2001 – AN ANDREWSULLIVAN.COM ODYSSEY