The Daily Wrap

Today the Dish welcomed a third guest-blogger to the mix, Alex Massie. The Blighty-focused blogger sized up Cameron's chances, addressed the class cliquishness of his Tories, called out the dirty politics of Labour over civil liberties, and fretted over the UK economy. Jonathan Bernstein countered Alter's optimism over the HCR summit, took a closer took … Continue reading The Daily Wrap

Rationalism In Obama

The first is a financial crisis which has triggered an economic slump which is intensifying the financial crisis. Given the scale of this, and the long years of debt that make it so much more dangerous than it might have been, I don’t think it’s fair to conflate a practical plan to tackle it in all its aspects with a utopian and rationalist approach to remaking the world. The truth is: the world has already been un-made. Obama has no choice but to think big. Americans understand this, as anyone outside the Washington cable-chatter cocoon would. Although I cannot see through the unknowns any better than David can, it does seem to me that so far, the main criticism of Obama’s plans – on foreclosure, the banks, the stimulus – is that they may not be bold enough. And addressing long-term fiscal health at the same time is not an over-confident over-reach. It’s a recognition of reality. We may not be able to get through the short-term borrowing we need without calming the global markets about long-term fiscal stability.

Think. Again.

The Atlantic has been redesigned, combining its look in the early 1960s with something much more contemporary. That’s not an easy thing to do. The process is explained here, here, and here. I write about the new issue – a fantastic one – here. Subscribe! If you enjoy the blogs, read us in greater depth … Continue reading Think. Again.