A reader sends in some Newspeak terms for Reuters to use to describe the September 11 terrorists: “asymmetric warfare specialists” or “civilian elimination engineers.” Other euphemisms welcomed. HITCH VERSUS THE LEFT: Hitchens goes at it again, taking on his own friends in the Nation. It’s ok for me to bang on about the Left. They … Continue reading MEMO TO REUTERS


Perhaps one of the best analyses of Bush’s superb speech last Thursday night can be found in the Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung. As the author Frank Schirrmacher observes, the patience and resolution of the president’s message was completely not what the terrorists were expecting. They wanted Armageddon, a massive, sudden Clinton-like counter-strike that they could use … Continue reading THE GERMANS GET IT


Hitch scores a home-run on this one. Are we the only two people who think Clinton’s crimes were far, far worse than Condit’s sins? PIGS FLY: Could it be that the gay left is waking up? This following passage could have been written by yours truly: “The bottom line is that GLAAD has more in … Continue reading CLINDIT


“Stop nodding your fat head – sit down and shut up!” These were Christopher Hitchens’ words to Philip Nobile, a lefty journalist who hijacked Hitch’s Barnes and Noble book-reading for a rant about Vanity Fair’s lack of affirmative action. You gotta love Hitch. He smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, and is one … Continue reading HE’S NOT FAT, HE’S JUST BIG-BONED


Just back from a dinner party at Christopher Hitchens’s – a refreshingly eclectic crowd, from David Frum to Lewis Lapham. For some unaccountable reason, Mrs. Graham didn’t invite any of us to her inaugural Georgetown dinner party for W. I’m crushed. Anyway, much glee from all sides on Rodhamscam. Hitch and I barely agree on … Continue reading ON THE COUCH


A staple of lazy magazine editors this time of year, especially with a new administration, are those ‘What’s Hot, What’s Not’ lists detailing the feel of the new era. Most of the time, these eras are fictions. But this year, things genuinely do feel a little different. With that in mind, I offer a brief, … Continue reading IN AND OUT