What’s Your Favorite Place To Read? Ctd


A reader answers the question with the above photo:

The beach. The sound of the waves, an umbrella so I’m not baking in the sun and a good drink.  It doesn’t happen enough but that is by far my favorite place to read.


The sauna. Sounds weird but it’s no contest for me: A good book and a good roast is heaven. It’s perfect for reading poetry, too: in a half-hour you can read three to six poems, take a break to cool off and think about them, then read a couple more.

The only problem is people who come in and decide to have a conversation. Not cool.

And another:

Might I suggest VFYFPTR: View From Your Favorite Place to Read?

Where’s Your Favorite Place To Read?


Juan Vidal shares his:

My favorite place to read is in a dark bar mid-day. Although I can read almost anywhere, we’re each allowed our preferences and mine is so. Coffee shops feel pretentious, the gym is freaking weird. Libraries are fine but there’s so much candy and I can’t handle it all calling my name. The last thing I read was The Conversations by Cesar Aira, and I devoured it in this quaint little dive up the road from my house. Aira’s stuff is super meandering and detailed and it requires all of my senses working in unison; the bar is always close to empty when I go, so it’s everything I need.

Bars, especially the ones I read in, are gifts. They’re warm and brooding, and if you go early enough, it can be just you, a bartender, and enough open space to react to plot twists without judgment. All that’s happening is the cleaning and the setting up shop for the lunch crowd. And so I’ll sit with a book. Sometimes I’ll even stand a while, which I did through part of the closing section of Wise Blood.

(Photo by John Stephen Dwyer)