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A reader writes:

This post on how hot Ryan Gosling has become arrives so shortly after your video about the dearth of female Dish readers … perhaps you've realized that attractive men are the common ground you and straight ladies can gather on?

Another writes:

One aspect of your personality that likely appeals to women (at the risk of feeding a stereotype) is your willingness to put your thoughts out there and fearlessly post the sometimes-scathing reader/blogger/pundit replies and takedowns. As you've said, we're watching your thoughts evolve in realtime. We're not stuck in a car with a man who won't ask for directions.


I think you connect very well with women (um, metaphorically speaking) because you are completely unafraid to criticize a woman and – please don't take this the wrong way – you let things get emotional on the Dish sometimes. Women love that.

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Thanks for the all words of support from female readers in the in-tray. Unfiltered feedback on our Facebook page. A reader writes:

I am a stay-at-home mom and a political junkie, two things that don't always go together.  You are one of my main sources of political and international news (and not "just the political stuff", as your love of the Pet Shop Boys is one of my favorite things about you). I don't know why your site skews more male than female.  Many women my age (mid-40s) seem so overwhelmed with kids, jobs, carpools, care of elderly parents, that they just don't seem to take the time to delve deeper than listening to NPR on the way to the next soccer practice, or watching a snippet of the Today show while making the kids' sack lunches.

Another writes:

Keeping with stereotypes, your blog is perfect for people at office jobs to take breaks during their monotonous day. Maybe a majority these types of workers are men?  I am a student now, but I was the most well-read on current events when I worked in investment banking and consulting (ugh – talk about monotony).

Another dispenses some tough love:

Screen shot 2012-03-19 at 7.57.39 PMI am a woman, and I have been following you for many years – chasing you, more like – from the New Republic, to your original blog, to Time, to the Atlantic, and now to the Daily Beast. I love you, and I do not say that lightly. Your impact on my short-term thinking and long-term world view is more influential than that of my parents, my women's college BFFs, and my husband.  I would love to meet you someday, but I know it would be sort of like meeting Barack Obama – I probably just start to weep and embarrass myself, so let's don't, I guess.

All of that said, if you truly have no awareness of why most women are not as taken with you as I am, then I believe you lack some critical self-awareness.

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