“Did you for a moment believe her?” – Barbara Walters, referring to Paula Jones.
“Hillary Clinton’s memoir ends with her last day in the White House. But I dare say as her journey continues, she’ll have plenty of material for a second autobiography. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that she would become not only the first First Lady to be elected Senator, but also the first First Lady to become President. And that raises an intriguing prospect: Bill Clinton as the first President to become a First Man or First Spouse or whatever. So much has happened to this couple that it seems anything could happen. Stay tuned.” – Barbara Walters, wrapping up the infomercial for ABC News.

HILLARY SUCK-UP WATCH II: “In the book you have a lot to say about forgiveness. Have you forgiven Ken Starr?”
“Would you call Bush a radical?”
“Is the ‘vast, right-wing conspiracy’ bigger than you thought when you brought that term into our vocabulary?” – Nancy Gibbs, Time.

HILLARY SUCK-UP WATCH III: “After your work in Washington was over, you moved to Arkansas, eventually got married to Bill Clinton. How hard was it for a Chicago raised, Wellesley, Yale Law educated, I am woman hear me roar person to go to Arkansas and, kind of, make your career secondary to his? Did you resent that at all?” – Katie Couric, the Today Show.