“Sure Hope You Become A Writer”

Those simple words of praise written by a high school teacher on a paper by Dave Eggers changed his life forever; "just like that, it was as if he'd ripped off the ceiling and shown me the sky." Eggers considers what made Mr. Criche so good:

Nationwide, almost half of our teachers quit before their fifth year, driven away by poor conditions and low pay, but in Lake Forest, the teachers were and are able to make careers and lives out of the profession. Most of my other English teachers from 1984 to 1988 — Mr. Ferry, Mr. Hawkins, Ms. Pese, Mrs. Silber, Mrs. Lowey — taught there for decades, most of them in the same classrooms, all of them master educators. Imagine the benefit the students there received, from getting pretty much a college-level education in high school from educators who have honed their craft for decades. Every kid in this country deserves the same thing.