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A reader responds to this post:

I’m one of the users who attempts to reach an after-work glass of wine-like buzz. I can get close to accomplishing this by placing a small amount of pot in a vaporizer, but I still have very little certainty that I’ve got the dose right. Unlike alcohol, where the proof is written on the bottle and assured by regulators, you can only gauge THC levels through trial-and-error or your dealer’s sales patter.

What’s worth mentioning is that increasing purity is another natural economic consequence of prohibition, as manufacturers seek to mitigate risk by reducing the volume of product and increasing per-gram profit margins. It’s infuriating to see the DEA and ONDCP point to increased THC levels of marijuana as a talking point against legalization.  They hope to convince middle-aged parents with fond memories of gentle buzzes from the 1970s that the harmless weed of their day has morphed into a powerful narcotic that could harm their children. Yet somehow they can’t see that their very actions have contributed to the incentive to amp up THC levels.