The GOP’s Looming Gay Crisis, Ctd

The CNN poll tells you all you need to know about the public’s view of the core argument tomorrow – that the feds have no right to choose which state-sanctioned civil marriages it recognizes:

In total, 56 percent of respondents supported federal legal recognition of same-sex marriage while 43 percent opposed it.

The breakdown among party affiliation and generation is stark. Admong those 18-34-years-old, 77 percent support federal recognition. Among those over 65-years-old, just 39 percent support it. Those in-between 34 and 65 hover around the 50 percent mark.

Along party lines, 75 percent of Democrats, 56 percent of independents and 28 percent of Republicans support recognition.

The GOP is increasingly isolated, with Independents closer to the Dems on this, and the next generation overwhelmingly for it. Meanwhile the fundamentalist base cannot change their minds – since their minds are made up by the Bible, not current reality. And the court’s seeming reluctance to end this debate will only prolong the agony. I think of this wedge boomerang as Karl Rove’s parting gift to the Republican coalition he played such a central part in destroying.