The Marriage Equality Population, Ctd

Global Marriage Map

Fisher makes a map:

The list of countries that grant full gay marriage rights is pretty short: 14 countries in all.

Most of those are in Western Europe: France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Belgium and the Netherlands. They’re joined by two other Western countries: New Zealand and Canada. Also on the list is South Africa, famous for its progressive (but politically controversial) gay rights laws. And in South America, perhaps the most gay-friendly part of the world outside of Europe, both Argentina and Uruguay allow gay marriage. Brazil also looks like it might be on the verge.

He also highlights the 76 nations where homosexuality is criminalized:

Most of them are in Africa and the Middle East, although they’re joined by some Caribbean and Southeast Asian nations. Five of those 76 countries include laws permitting the state to hand out the death penalty for homosexuality: Mauritania, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iran.